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25/02/2018 - A GOOD MOTIVE TO PRAY

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Remember, O LORD, Your tender mercies and Your loving kindnesses, for they are from of old. Psalm 25.6

Before God even created the world, His mercies already existed, and they are the reason we are not consumed (Lamentations 3:22). Be sure that the Lord is merciful makes the Christians’ heart more confident. The devil, certainly, will try to remind you who you were during your time of innocence and make you feel unsure about your salvation. Satan strives to place uncertainties in those who are not firm in the faith.

The divine mercies are the favors served by the Lord, when “we are in the red”, far from His wonderful presence. We confess our sins by them and receive full forgiveness, and are blessed with grace from on High. If we do not understand our rights in Christ, we will remain in doubt concerning if in fact we were forgiven when we were born again. Glory be to God for his compassion for us!

Along with his goodness – good hope or hopeful goodness, which are from eternity – we will be spared from transgressing against the holiness of the Lord, from shedding many tears and undergoing many sufferings. Those who are blessed with the Omnipotent´s mercy will never be abandoned when the tempter comes near. With faith, we will trust in what the Word declares about our freedom.  

All who are saved must remain watchful concerning everything they feel in the spirit, especially when the evil one is threatening them with something wicked. The Almighty, being merciful, will warn His servants of the danger just ahead. Salvation is something that can never be undone and if we follow Jesus with perseverance to the end, we will enter into His Kingdom which has been prepared for us since the foundation of the world, (Mathew 25:34) and never leave it. Amen! 

When you receive a warning from God do not be like Judas, who even though warned by the Savior that one of the twelve would betray Him, paid no mind and kept his treasonous agreement with those who wanted to imprison the Master. Judas preferred to receive the 30 pieces of silver than to continue to be one of the disciples of Jesus. The Lord will confirm the calling that He gave you.

Samson also did not take heed to his father and mother’s warning, because he considered himself strong enough to defeat the philistines. As a result, he did not resist the charm of Dalila and told his secret to her and lost his power. What use was it to have Dalila at his side, blind? Certainly that warrior understood and repented, but too late to be spared from the suffering he would endure for the rest of his life. Be careful not to ignore the gift that the Father has given to you.

If you have fallen, do not remain so; get up and go talk to the Lord and confess that you have sinned against Him and before Heaven. Undoubtedly, He wants to restore your liberty and your prosperity. Remember that His mercies are renewed each morning, so, that if today you have completely “wasted” them, then tomorrow they will be renewed.

In Christ, with Love,

R. R. Soares

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Lord! It is good to remember and to know that You are loving, good, and merciful. Here we are to receive help in these times of struggle. No matter how much the enemy is tempting us, we cannot stumble or fall. Help us, as we have a life ahead of us.  

We have verified and confirmed that You are our true God; and even though we have stumbled in some places, by Your mercies and by Your love, You help us to get out of the messes we have gotten into. We have to be restored.

You know that in our heart, we have the desire to do Your will. You called us to be Your sons and daughters; so we cry out for Your favor, in order to receive Your blessings. We cannot live far from You!


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