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The Lord shall judge the peoples; Judge me, O Lord, according to my righteousness, And according to my integrity within me. Psalm 7:8

We can all be certain of one thing: all people from all nations, religious or not, saved or lost, will be judged by the Creator.  To excuse oneself for having sinned due to the sin of Adam does not convince, because the evil that he caused was undone by Jesus through His death on the cross.  Today, the soul that sins will die (Ezequiel 18:20). Who seeks the Truth will understand the messages contained in the Book of God and obtain help.

The final judgment will be with mercy for the merciful, but will be terrible for those who had no mercy.  Your deeds will indicate how you will be treated on that Day.  For a better understanding, remember this: we will receive in the same measure that we measure (Luke 6:38).  Those who harm their neighbors do not know how much they will suffer for this attitude.  Why live in crime if you can walk in wisdom, treasuring good works?  Prepare yourself!

We know that we will be accountable for our works; would it not be good to check how we have proceeded?  If we are wrong, we must seek those we have offended or harmed in some way and make amends with them. (Luke 12:58).  In the Court of Christ, we will not find convincing excuses.  On that day, all will confess even the secrets of their heart and will then agree with the sentences pronounced and received. 

David prayed to be judged according to his righteousness.  When we understand the will of God and obey, we commit our greatest act of righteousness and we feel right and good. This is a deed of the Holy Spirit, who convinces us of sin, righteousness and judgment.  As we err, we perceive that we have not done right for the Comforter makes us see the evil that surrounds us.  On the other hand, as we do good things, we live a life with great joy. 

As we read the Bible (everyone must read and meditate on it attentively every day), God sounds our heart to see what decision we will take.  Therefore, when you notice or perceive that He reveals something to you, fulfill it.  Your attitude in light of  His revelations determines how you will be before the Lord.  Those who do not answer to the voice of the Comforter are already sentenced.  Obey the divine purpose and live well; this way you will please God. 

David continued to pray saying that he should be judged according to his integrity.  Those who accept Jesus and are born again become whole and in their spirit there is no more condemnation.  If temptation comes and for some reason this person accepts the devil, they will lose their title.  Now if they have the opportunity to err and do reject evil, they will continue whole.  God is truly good, is He not?

Those who live the divine precepts can ask to be judged according to their righteousness and integrity, because they will not be considered guilty.  The Lord does not seek some reason to punish you, but He offers you means to be delivered from anything that can take you to eternal suffering. As Father, He takes no pleasure in your condemnation and perdition because He in fact loves you!

In Christ, with Love,

R. R. Soares

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God whole and righteous Judge!  The day will come when You will take us to the Court of Christ.  There, we will be accountable for our deeds.  This is why we must resist all temptations because we do not want to lose title to being righteous and worthy people.

How wonderful it would be if nobody committed any wrong to their neighbor and did not deceive anyone either.  You see what each person practices and have the power to rid them from wrong and regenerate them to a life of good deeds.

We do not want any involvement or commitment with the devil, which drives us to sin and to practice wrong things that will take us to perdition.  What can we say on judgment day if we allowed ourselves to be corrupted do what is evil?  Help us!


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