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So they took the bull which was given them, and they prepared it, and called on the name of Baal from morning even till noon, saying, “O Baal, hear us!” But there was no voice; no one answered. Then they leaped about the altar which they had made. I Kings 18:26

There’s nothing anyone can do to please the devil or placate his anger; he is insensitive to man’s please and cries. The devil looks down on those who serve him, because by nature he is completely perverted.  When someone is open to the enemy, you can be sure that he will greatly suffer and will be used by the devil in the dirtiest and lowliest ways. Many times, those who are dominated by the demon do not perceive the evil they bring on themselves and upon others.

To offer cult to Satan may be a pompous affair, and his rituals can be exacting, but if God is working the restoration in someone’s life, the enemy will be powerless before the petitions of those who want to see deceptions prevail. It is easy to be delivered from the works of witchcraft and of sorcery; all one has to do is to invoke the Name of the Lord to be saved.  When the Almighty intervenes, He does this for the good of an individual, a group or for all of humanity.

Baal’s priests and prophets did what they thought was right, but received no answer.  All who trust in the powers of darkness will be terribly disappointed on that great Day, for they will cry out to those powers and receive no reply. They will watch all those spirits that they served march to the lake which will burn with fire and sulfur for all eternity and unfortunately they will follow immediately thereafter to eternal destruction.  Persevere in practicing the good, not evil!

Those who served the enemy lost their minds to madness, for they thought that their false gods had power. However, the sight seen at Mount Carmel was a free sample of what will happen on the second coming of Jesus.  The devil and his demons will no longer be able to deceive, chained by the power of God they will be sent to the abyss.  Be careful not to go with them!  Be converted today.  Tomorrow will be too late.

Those men invoke Baal from morning until noon saying “Oh Baal! Answer us!”  What a tragedy.  They surrendered their entire lives to serve him, in cults and with all their heart, but they did not know of eternal damnation.  If they had obeyed the true God, who had taken them out of Egypt, their future would have been glorious.  Have no fellowship with the people who subject themselves to sin, because they will go to eternal perdition with the accuser.

Baal (or any other name you give to Satan) never had a voice.  He is a liar; the father of lies, and no matter how much you trust him, you will never be successful.  Only the Lord has voice, love and mercy to give to those who seek Him.  God is ready to transform your life and make you happy, powerful and prepared to do good works in all places.  Seek Him while there is time; the door will soon be closed.

Whatever anybody does to please the devil will be useless.  Baal’s priests jumped over the altar, cut themselves with knives and offered their own blood for their god to answer, and nothing ever happened.  Why follow those who cannot even protect themselves?

In Christ, with Love, 

R. R. Soares

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True Lord!  What a deception to those who believed in help from Baal!  You are the only God, and those priests and prophets knew this, but they preferred to serve the king of lies and they grew ashamed of themselves for whom they had chosen as their god.

Judgment is near, and only You know when it will be.  Many people who could have served You will also be ashamed of the gods or spirits whom they surrendered their lives to, because these will be chained and bound and will lead them to eternal suffering.

We, however, await the beautiful Day of Redemption.  On hearing Jesus summons we will enter the eternal Home. We will not remain one more minute here, but we will run happily to eternal joy that awaits all those who answer Your call.  Lord, we love You!


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