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So, being sent on their way by the church, they passed through Phoenicia and Samaria, describing the conversion of the Gentiles; and they caused great joy to all the brethren. Acts 15:3

Everywhere that Paul went, he did an important work. However, later on, some “converted” brought tumult to the saved ones’ faith, by teaching the costumes of the Law. When Paul and Barnabas noticed this complex situation, they spoke seriously to those who did not understand the New Testament. Since those men resisted them, they decided to go to Jerusalem to consult the first apostles, in order to sort the question raised.

Wherever Paul and Barnabas went, in their journey to the holy city, they spoke about their success in midst of the gentiles. Thus, they caused great joy to the brethren. Propagating the Lord’s work in midst of the lost, especially among those who worship and serve false gods, brings great joy to those who hear that the love of God is being poured in their lives of those who did not know Him. Still today, we experience this same joy among the saved.

The people who listen to the Gospel and convert enter in the Land of freedom. In the ancient religion, it was all about suffering. There is no way how those who never heard about Jesus do not get touched by knowing Him, because they see their struggles and problems being sorted. They are healed of sicknesses and other afflictions, and at last, are filled with the Holy Spirit. We must share the faith in Christ to the ends of the Earth.

Many times, recent Christians talk about the sadness that they feel for not knowing Jesus earlier. An 80-year old man said how much he suffered from serving the demons. He said that though he was poor and had financial struggles, he bought an ox and offered it in a virgin forest, in the presence of dozens of witches.

Those who do not know the Most High live in uncertainty. They recognize that they lack something, but do not know how to find it. In their vain attempts of fulfilment, they invoke the spirits without knowing that those are evil. When these spiritual beings manifest themselves, people try to understand their instructions, and do not deny answering them. After a couple of days, they discover that they were deceived.

In the Gospel, no one has to give anything or pay anything to receive what belongs by right to those who believe in God. Then, when people learn to pray in the right way, they are answered. Thus, they become free of their troubles and attacks of the forces of darkness. You cannot compare the life of someone who serves Jesus with the lost.

Those that carry out the divine will have good things to tell those who never heard about the Lord. Even the most humble believer, who has their faith in Christ, has testimonies to tell about what happened to them as they invoked the Name of Jesus concerning someone’s life.

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Lord of the Gospel! Knowing the good news of what we can be and do as Your children fills us with joy. As we share what we have experienced, we see other brethren being touched and praising Your holy Name.

It hurts to see people in slavery, where suffering dominates as if it were the truth! What is worse is that those who live in these conditions, since they do not know the true way of peace, attend the orders of the evil spirits as if they were Yours. Help us to reach them. 

A person will be unhappy if he is under the dominion of the enemy. The devil creates doctrines, evil stories, and lies to keep poor souls captive to his reins. When these people hear the Gospel, they receive faith in Jesus and are set free. Amen!


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