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Consider my enemies, for they are many; And they hate me with cruel hatred. Psalm 25:19

It is not good to lose sight of the enemies, for they are sent by Satan to steal, kill and destroy human lives. There is never a moment where the devil does something good.  He may know that someone can be useful to his evil schemes, but his perverted nature prevents him from doing anything good.  Those who believe that the devil might be good to them are being foolish.

When the enemies begin to multiply, our paths are obstructed. Consequently we are taken by despair and spiritual claustrophobia, and the affliction overwhelms us. Seeing that we have breaches in us, the demons go hunting for others worse than them, following Satan’s orders, and bring them to our lives. If this happens to you, your state will be worse than before.

The moment that things begin to go wrong, and intolerable situations become routine in our day to day, it is time to speak to God and ask Him to watch over us. In some ways, we have opened the door for evil to come in and wreak evil in our lives.  The accuser is merciless, as he penetrates somebody and their peace simply disappears.

David lived this strife and, because of that, he asked the Lord to keep watch over his opponents. These were people moved by hate who would advance to disturb him. If they could they would kill him. In our case, they are evil spirits who want to end everything that is good in us: a healthy living, high self- esteem, and desire to do good.  It is wise to pray and keep vigil so you do not enter into temptation.

No evil overcomes us by chance.  Behind every temptation there is a devil. Since we live in the New Alliance, Christ teaches us to watch and pray to be protected from evil spirits. Therefore at the least sign of the tempter, rebuke him. Those who desire to walk the high and easy roads must follow everything that the Savior taught.

The hate that the devil and his demons have for humanity is cruel.  He breathes death threats over all creation. Regarding the Christians, what the devil wants the most is to lead them to sin, in order to destroy them.  But we do not have to fear them, because we are given the right to use the Name that is above all names.  Exercise your authority!

When you feel the presence of the enemy in evil things that happen to you, use the authority you have in Jesus Christ and command your control of the situation. Those who use the name of Jesus have never lost a battle.  We are winners in all things by Him who loved and delivered us.  

In Christ, with Love

R. R. Soares

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God, our Protector!  Like David, we will not play or fool around with the devil or let him overcome us.  So we seek Your help, and in the Name of Jesus, we command that all evil disappear from our life.  We are protected by You!

Now we bind the spirits sent from Hell to torment us.  The cruel hatred that dominates these infernal beings will never touch us, since we are Yours and have the power to expel them.

Our salvation guarantees us that we have left the territory dominated by these forces and they no longer can overpower us.  All the evil spirits are under our authority.  We now expel them definitely! Halleluiah!


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