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13/02/2018 - DAVID’S TENT

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On that day I will raise up The tabernacle of David, which has fallen down, And repair its damages; I will raise up its ruins, And rebuild it as in the days of old; Amos 9:11

David understood that the model of the Tabernacle shown to Moses, to make an exact copy of what he saw – that of the Desert – was beyond our understanding. There, the Omnipotent should be worshiped, and people would need to be filled with His presence. This place symbolized the service to be rendered to the Lord. Through it, individuals would come to God.

While David lived, because he knew how to enter the presence of the Most High and to have his tent full of anointing, Israel did not lose a single battle. After his death, Solomon, his successor, succeeded; but at the end of his life he went astray and no longer had the Lord with him. The reign of Rehoboam, David’s grandson, was weak because he had not prepared the heart to seek the Almighty, and his country was divided into two nations.

Through Amos, the Most High promised that He would restore the tent of David. This is the period in which we are living; after all, Jesus died, resurrected, and defeated Satan. The King of Hell will never rise again. On the contrary, when Christ returns, the father of lies will be cast into the lake that will burn with fire and brimstone forever. We are living in the time when the tent has already been repaired.

With the fall of the kings of Judah and the ensuing captivity of the holy people, the Tabernacle fell. But for our sake, it was reinstated. Today, those who believe can enter into the presence of the Father and receive power to overcome the forces of darkness. With that, the devil will no longer accuse the children of God. The discouraged, oppressed and powerless to resist evil can rejoice and be filled with authority.

All the openings by which the enemy oppressed the holy people were closed. Now it’s only victory! What we speak to the Almighty in tongues of fire does not reach the ears of the tempter. If it did, he would not be able to understand a single word. In Spirit we speak of mysteries, things that God does and wants to do for those who serve Him in the Spirit and in truth. Halleluiah, the tent has been repaired!

The loss was great, because they desecrated the sanctuary of the Lord. With that, what remained was a severe, but empty religiosity. However, now God has raised the tent of David from the ruins.  So now, everyone can take shelter under it, find the Lord in there and receive the virtue to do the same works that David did and also and that Jesus did.

This place was called the Tabernacle of David, because he perceived its existence and made use of it. It has been a spiritual place since the ancient days. Those who learn to live in the presence of the Father do not leave this sublime position.

In Christ with love,

R. R. Soares

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Lord! Since the Ancient Days, the Tent of David was available to mankind, but with sin, it was hidden from man. But You made the son of Jesse understand its existence and use such capability. You have rebuilt it!

Over the years, because of the neglect of Judah, it was in ruins. No one came to Your presence any more nor did they do the feasts for You. With Jesus, the celebrations were of marvelous operations, opening of the Word and teaching.

We want to enter this tent to be filled with power and inspiration. Thus, Your glory will be known. Help us to contemplate Your face and Your authority in the Name of Jesus. All this for Your praise!


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