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24/02/2018 - DIVINE GUARANTY

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Indeed, let no one who waits on You be ashamed; Let those be ashamed who deal treacherously without cause. Psalm 25.3

He who lifts his soul up to the Lord will rest assured.  If he keeps his eyes on Him, he will never be overtaken by the devil and by his demons.  Strive to raise up what you have that is most precious to the highest place; so that it is out of the enemy’s reach. Those who wait in God believe in His promises and claim them. To ignore the Almighty’s instructions is to be a target for infernal attacks.

The Christian that trusts in the Lord stands out, for even though he may not walk in the manner established for the saints, as he recognizes his need for help, he will cry for help and will be answered. Those who are saved cannot be defeated by the powers of darkness, for just as in the days of King David, the enemies of Israel were defeated every time they attacked God’s people, and our adversaries today will be too.

Examine if you have been living honestly. Now, if you accepted a lie, you left the divine presence and are walking according to the prince of darkness. That which contradicts biblical teaching is diabolical in origin. So, as you took up such practices, you released yourself from God’s loving hand and were taken under the devil’s wings. If you are not resisting temptations, tell this to the Almighty.

The guaranty that we will be heard and answered by the Omnipotent is for certain. Though we walk through the valley of the shadow of death, our God is always read to defend us from the attacks of the kingdom of evil, which can be said, will never cease. But being protected by the Almighty, you will win the battles. The saved are undefeatable as is God.

Those who trust in the Lord and serve Him with all their heart are never to be ashamed. He who guards us neither slumbers nor sleeps. To wait in God is sufficient for Him to answer your petitions. However the fearless transgressor, when he finds himself in need of protection or power to defeat evil, will recognize the error of his ways. Thus, he will experience failure.

Even if you consider that you have not transgressed, you must talk to the Most High. Those who were tempted or oppressed did not always err intentionally or not, but the lack of knowledge has led many to suffer the blows of the evil one. Those who know not their position, if they desired evil even only in thought, have to square themselves off with the Lord.

Those that stumble consciously, making little of divine goodness, will have to lament when the hand of the devil clutches them. However, the prayers of those who trust in the Father will always be welcome at any time. In short, it is better to trust in God and obey Him. 

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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God, our Rescue! Blessed be the day we lifted our souls to You; You received us in Your Family, and our hearts were taken with fear of You. Your tender mercies are greatly appreciated, and we cry out for them. Your love is good!

To trust in You was one of the best things that we ever did, because every time we cry and plea for Your help, we are answered. However, we must stay at Your feet, because if we are not close by You, who will rescue us?

No one that waits in You will be ashamed, but those who leave You and serve their temptations will suffer, because, without cause, they preferred to leave the Fountain of good and walk in darkness. We want to love You and have You always with us!


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