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And he did what was right in the sight of the Lord, according to all that his father Uzziah had done (although he did not enter the temple of the Lord). But still the people acted corruptly. 2 Chronicles 27:2

Why did Jotham not enter the temple of the Lord? What happened to his father must have frightened him, because though Uzziah had obeyed God and reigned well, one attitude in a moment of foolishness made Jotham fear risking himself to the same treatment (2 Chronicles 26). See the works of the Lord and know that you are not different than anyone else. You will do well if you do not let yourself be led by any temptation, because in case that happens, the price to be paid will be high.

It is important to do what is right in the Most High’s eyes. Uzziah was a good king, but when he should have resisted the temptation and not entered the temple to do his own will, he was careless and fell in transgression (2 Chronicles 26:16-21). We must remain under the divine guidance, not attending by any means, the suggestions of the evil one. Many times, the work of darkness looks similar to what belongs to God, and those who do not discern and recognize the voice of the Lord will fall into temptation. Nowadays, He only speaks to us through His Word (Hebrews 1:1).

To watch and pray are divine orientations (Mark 14:38). Those who do not observe them fall into temptation. If Jesus had not been watchful when he was hungry, he would have transformed stone into bread, and thus, would have been defeated. However, since he was watchful and lived in communion with the Father, he noticed that that voice came from the evil one. In the beginning, the Master created everything out of nothing, therefore, he could have made any bread if he liked.

When Uzziah saw that he had leper in his body, he hastened to leave God’s house. It is important to make an observation about this choice: instead of leaving the temple, Uziah should have repented. If he had done so, the priests would have prayed for him, and the Lord could have healed him, as He did with Miriam, Moses’ sister, who also transgressed (Numbers 12:1-15). Anyone can do what is right before God’s eyes, but if they do not fulfill a commandment, they will be considered a transgressor. 

The order is for you and your family to be saved. Many people who don’t observe this precept, end up allowing the lives of their beloved ones to be controlled by the enemy. This declaration is more than just a guidance, it is a commandment that must be accepted and believed so that all may become servants of God. We must not only pray so that this may happen, but also persist until the promise is confirmed. Salvation is for your entire house. 

Those who walk with the Lord know how to act correctly, because just the fact that they walk with Him means that they listened to the Word. Now, this can be seen throughout everything that this person does. However, even if they don´t feel victorious in material terms, the divine hand will certainly never depart from them. Those who are saved know that in Christ, they can do everything that He orders them. Victory will always belong to the people who know the Almighty.

How have you lived? Do you keep the commandments? If the answer is yes, then, not only do you love God and Jesus, but you are also loved by them too (Jo 14:21). Now, if you have barely considered the Word, you must make things right and act according to the Scriptures. Those who know Christ are delivered of all kinds of slavery, including the worst one: religious slavery. 

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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God of order and respect! After 55 years reigning, Uzziah did something that only the priests should, and when they resisted him, he was enraged. However, when he saw the divine punishment making him leprous, he immediately left the temple.

The lack of respect for what You have established has been present in so many people’s lives. Due to this, Your work has suffered a lot. We must let those who are prepared for specific missions to execute them, instead of trying to do what we think is ours by right.

Uzziah was greatly used by You, but gave way to temptation in this occasion. His son, Jotham, was prudent, and did what was right before Your eyes. Help us to always resist the enemy’s attacks. Amen!


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