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09/02/2018 - NEVER PLUCKED

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I will plant them in their land, And no longer shall they be pulled up From the land I have given them," Says the Lord your God. Amos 9:15

Canaan symbolizes the Kingdom of God, but the Israelites believed only in a physical land, where they would plant and reap. They lost the best, just like today, multitudes only think of physical healing and material prosperity. There is a solution to our problems in this Kingdom, but there is much more waiting for us. Anyone who thinks only of the well-being of the body and the emotions is wasting the heavenly riches.

Eternal life begins the moment we understand the Truth and receive Jesus as Lord and Savior. Until then, we were dead in sins and offenses, unrelated to the will of the Father. At the time of salvation, we were given the power to become children of God. As children, we are heirs and co-heirs of all that the Most High gave to the Son. If we are in Him, the fullness of divinity dwells in us.

In addition to the important information that our faith in Christ gives us, that we will be planted in our land and they will never pluck us from it, fills our hearts with joy. It is necessary to understand that we were not removed from idolatry, witchcraft and other sins to bear the title of saved, but to live as such. We can enjoy the blessings of the good Father. Humanity must learn this.

It hurts so much to see people living below the line determined by the Lord. Now, if Jesus came to give us life in abundance (John 10: 10b), we must live victoriously and successfully, especially in the spiritual realm. The power that made Jesus multiply bread and fish, as well as heal those who were suffering is at our disposal. Where is the God who made you and made you His people? Live the best of Him!

The worship of the Israelites to the Almighty was rendered out of interest, because when they were pressured by their enemies around them, they cried out to Him. They also cried out at the time to sow the fields for good harvests. Concern for their material life prevented them from having the best of God. Examine if this has not been the keynote of your life. Those who seek the Lord only to solve everyday problems, lose too much. Poor soul!

Have we not lived like the lost that practice witchcraft and other cults in disagreement with the Word? It is necessary to serve the Most High so that we may feel we belong to Him. We have wasted blessings and we are living far from the standard set for God’s elect. Why not enjoy all that the Father has in store, if the Name of Jesus gives us this right? There is abundance of gifts in Christ.

We have been planted in the Kingdom of the promises and we will never be plucked from it. This is the idea of the Most High. So we do not have to bow before the threats of the enemy, but continue to know the One who overcame the devil and gave us power to do the same works that He did. God expects more from you, amen?

In Christ with love,

R. R. Soares

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Father! We want to continue to meet You in order not lose the best You have prepared for us. We cannot just look for goods, if You have much more to give us. Once saved, we were elected to serve You truly.

You have planted us in our land. Your mercies cover us so completely that there is not a space left for the enemy. We never want to leave this holy and good presence.

We will never be plucked from our land, but by staying firm in Your promise, we walk in the certainty that we will know You better while we are here. In eternity, we will see how much it was worth believing in You. Amen!


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