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18/02/2018 - NEWS OF GREAT JOY

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Then the angel said to them, "Do not be afraid, for behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy which will be to all people. Luke 2:10

Israel was waiting for the coming of the Messiah, when the Lord would put an end to what imprisoned His people. The Jews thought that the work would be done in the material sphere, contributing for the expulsion of the Romans who dominated that part of the world, including Israel. However, God’s plan was greater and more complete, because the Savior would lead men to deliverance, forever destroying the devil’s ability to dominate them.

According to Jesus, Abraham saw the days of the Master and rejoiced, which must have occurred in a vision or a direct revelation of the Father. No doubt, if the Most High asked us if we would like to see the glory of His Anointed, we would respond positively. For those who have known the salvation of Jesus, the most important will be the day when they will see Him come down in the clouds. He will come to take us out of this sinful dimension.

David knew that he would not lack an heir on his throne, but he did not understand that it would be done in the spiritual realm, and not physically. Today, our Savior sits on His throne, over the Tabernacle of David. There is no reason for the Christian to live sadly, because he can make use of the rights which the Father has granted him. In fact, we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us (Romans 8: 37b).

God had promised to send a Savior to rescue the Israelites from the oppression of sin. They waited for His coming anxiously, but when they saw Him, they did not understand that He had come to fulfill man’s true deliverance. The Jews did not receive Him, and this error helped us greatly, so that now Jesus is ours, and we belong to the Lord.

Isaiah, considered the most enlightened prophet of the Scriptures, spoke of the coming of the Master, saying that the virgin would conceive and bear a Son, who would be Wonderful, Prince of peace, Mighty God and Immanuel (God with us). All prophecies concerning the coming of Christ have been fulfilled as announced. Today we are the holy people and we are freed from spiritual bondage forever. Halleluiah!

Finally, the day came when a multitude of angels told the news to the simple shepherds who took care of their flock in the field. Thus, they participated in the most glorious event of all time, the birth of the Son of God. There is another coming of the Lord which is programmed, when He will come for His Church and take it to Heaven. Whoever has received Jesus as Savior will certainly ascend with Him on His return.

How about you? Are you waiting for the second coming of Jesus, in the rapture of His Church before the so-called Great Tribulation? What does the first coming mean to you and what will the second coming mean? Are you waiting for Him? Persevere and you will not be confused!

In Christ with love,

R. R. Soares

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Father of love! The Israelites awaited the Messiah, who would turn their captivity. However, when this occurred, influenced by their leaders, they did not receive Him. So, Jesus turned to another people who proved to love Him.

Abraham must have been happy when he saw the days of Christ through revelation, which we would also like to see. David knew that Your Son would occupy the eternal throne, greater and better than the one he occupied. We look forward to His return!

Isaiah prophesied in detail the coming of the Prince of Peace, the Mighty God. The angels gave the message long awaited, announcing to the shepherds that the day had come. Maranatha! Come, Lord Jesus!


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