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Rejoice in the Lord, O you righteous! For praise from the upright is beautiful. Psalm 33:1

The order is to rejoice – content yourself, overjoy and satisfy yourself – in the Lord. By being healed, there are those who become happy, hug relatives and friends and, in some cases, even celebrate in a sinful manner. However, righteous people do more than just celebrate, they rejoice in God. Without a doubt, after giving you an escape, the Most High should receive your thanks through your pleasure in Him, and, if you have any need, you can count on Him.

Some people lose their glow by being saddened with trivial subjects or deceptions. That way, even if God spares them of any hard situations, they will never be happy. It seems like a paradox, but happiness and sadness are the same thing, and also the opposite. The righteous do more than just become happy with the deliverance: they rejoice in the Lord! Examine your attitude facing the blessings and discover who you are.

The righteous enjoy worship; therefore, those who live in sin will not have acceptable worship. That being said, why do we live in evil practices if they make God cover His face and make us servants of demons used to tempt others? There is nothing better than being in the divine presence, enjoying the freedom of God’s children. When we are at fellowship with God, nothing will dominate us.

With worship, which should only be given to God, you exalt what He has done in your life. However, the Lord can’t do anything for those who are commanded by evil. The righteous are answered in their prayers, as long as they follow biblical instructions. Therefore, do not let any sinful work grow in your heart or do things that take you far from God.

The Righteous walks according to the Word, without diverting to the left or to the right (Deuteronomy 28:14). Many Christians do not take Jesus’ warnings seriously, which are to be vigilant and pray (Matthew 26:41), because of that, they don’t even notice that the lack of desire to seek God’s will daily is the enemy’s weapon to take them away from the divine presence. Far from the Lord, they don’t keep themselves and don’t walk in the revelation of the Word.

Those who don’t have judgment allow the temptations to create a nest inside them and, when they worship God, do so in a false manner, because what they call worship, in fact, causes disgust in Heaven. Those who are sincere of heart are guided by the Holy Spirit in their ways and in their words that come from the Lord. For that reason, they are gladly welcomed by He who can’t stand the slightest smell of sin.

The Most High desires that His children fulfill His commandments. By doing so, they prove that they love Him and can be loved by Him and by Jesus. However, if they act in a different manner, they will not be helped in their tribulations and will fall. Being straightforward will lead them to have accepted worship and will always be visited by the Lord, having their prayers answered. Everything will go well

In Christ, with Love,

R. R. Soares

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Lord, who is righteous and worthy of praise! Thank You for allowing us to worship You and thank You. May the brothers who do not live in righteousness begin walking in a way that their worship is accepted.

We learned that we need to rejoice in You and not in the works You do in our favor. As of now, we will practice Your teachings and we will never be ashamed.

You are the reason of our happiness and our reward. We love You and we want to rejoice in You, in Your love, for You are our God, that supports us and gives us power to live far from evil. Amen!


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