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Turn Yourself to me, and have mercy on me, For I am desolate and afflicted.  Psalm 25.16

Man must always be pure and sincere with God.  The Lord does not listen to those who lie, try to deceive Him with false praise, or consider themselves better than others. He answers the ones who heed His instructions and seek more wisdom.  Those who become wise in the Scriptures and faith in Christ are His delight. With Him in our favor, we will be successful in all.

The prayer of falsehood does not reach the ceiling or the ears of the Almighty; but the cry and plea of the sincere reaches His heart.  If you have erred, because you have fallen to temptations, done what displeases the Lord, but want to live free from the devil, confess this to the Father, and at the same time declare that you have reached His favor.

If you are not at ease, do not lie to yourself or to God.  If you confess your error you will settle with Him.  So, if you hurt or dishonored someone, seek that person and tell her the truth.  Even if you have to pay a price to win her forgiveness, the worst price is to lose salvation on the Great Day.

Those that humble themselves will b exalted (Matthew 23:12). But those that hide and lie will remain in the serpent’s nest and will soon certainly be led to eternal perdition.  Mercy!  Why be led to the lake of sulfur and fire, if you only have to face being ashamed for a little while but not suffer an entire life?  Be sincere and steadfast in obeying divine will, and God will deliver you from eternal condemnation.

Besides, why live a solitary life, if the Almighty promises to give the ideal person to those that love Him?  Strive to love God, and live according to His commandments.  Then you will see how He truly loves you.  Be different from what you have been to this day.  Follow the Lord’s plan and you will see that the rewards are great.

The Almighty is showing that He has mercy on you, so take advantage of this moment and fulfill yourself in life.  With no fear of being wrong, I say that you are what has stood in the way of the Lord in fulfilling His promises.  Why have you lived this way? Certainly, you never imagined that all your rebellion against the divine plan is a victory of the powers of darkness against your life.  Do not give the devil the satisfaction of making you suffer or destroying you!

The Lord does not want to see you anxious or alone.  Therefore, take up your position in Christ and be happy.  No one person will ever prove that to obey God’s will is bad for you.  Those who carried out what He determined made out very well in every sense.  Do you believe?

In Christ,  with  Love,

R. R Soares

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Merciful God!  We cry out for the lonely, that live contrary to what You promise those who fear You.  Often times, we suffer for things that we do not even pay attention, so we ask for Your help.

Look to this person, examine what he has done and tell them to sin no more.  Later, that she may come to Your feet asking for clemency, for she reaped what she sowed, which was not good.  Help her start again!

You make the lonely to be in Family.  There is someone in the same situation, which can find their half and be happy.  No doubt she will never forget You, Lord!  That You may be glorified!


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