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Do not remember the sins of my youth, nor my transgressions; According to Your mercy remember me, For Your goodness’ sake, O LORD. Psalm 25.7

Live in a way that provides God with good memories of you, and at the same time, you must remember all the good that He has done to you, as in forgiving all your sins.  The moments when He visits us are crucial to our well-being and our future.  For this reason, we must make Him remember what he has done for us.  It would be best, in all situations and circumstances that we never leave the presence of the Father.

To remember that which the Lord has done is more to our benefit than to His. The Almighty never forgets anything; however when we ask Him to remember something, we are the ones who remember what He has given us.  If there are still any sins of your youth, confess them now and obtain forgiveness.  What God has done in your favor is only the beginning of a much greater work.

The Lord wants to blot out your transgressions and to forget them.  This way, your conscience can be cleared.  Divine favor sustains you today, but will help you much more throughout eternity. When you are in your new home, you will see how much He loved you, for that which your ears never heard, or your eyes have never seen or has never reached your mind is that which He has prepared for your life.

After you have settled with the heavenly Father, the devil will assail you with bad memories of your past, but remain firm in your faith and don’t return to confess that which has already been forgiven.  You are a new creation, and all things have been made new.  There is no longer any way the enemy can control you or order you to obey his wishes.

At the same time that God promises not to remember your confessed sins, He promises to remember you according to His perpetual mercies.  So when you need help, don’t hesitate or fear calling Him. If you are being tempted, do as Jesus did when He was tempted in the desert: cite the Bible.

If the temptation does not subside rebuke and cast out the tempter.  God will remember you by the goodness of His heart for having chosen you in Jesus to share in eternal life.  Do not despair with any evil proposal and reject whatever comes from him.

You are a servant of God, and He will not abandon you.  Those that belong to Him were chosen as members of the Body of Christ.  Surely for this reason He will protect them. Never forget that being a new creation, all things are made new.

The will of the Almighty is that you be blessed and more than conqueror in all things. So when war breaks out against you, go and fight with all your might.  The Lord God will help you.  Say: “Halleluiah!”

In Christ, with Love,

R. R. Soares

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God of goodness and forgiveness!  Looking back to when we acted according to  the prince of darkness, we now see how good it was to have found You and to have accepted You as Father, Savior, and Lord.  We owe nothing more to the devil, for You have saved us.

Thank You for not remembering the sins of our youth, the transgressions we practiced in vain pursuit of pleasure and other things. What motivates us is Your love.  We want to follow You to the end, so that Your will be done.

According to Your mercy, we are standing, forgiven, and can walk like sons of light and help the unbelievers who have not tasted of Your love.  We therefore plea that You may love them as You loved us. Amen!


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