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Then Elijah said to all the people, “Come near to me.” So all the people came near to him. And he repaired the altar of the Lord that was broken down. 1 Kings 18.30

Elijah lived turbulent times in Israel. In those times, the fear of God had reached its lowest levels, because the couple governing the nation had introduced the false and filthy cult to Baal. The people did not want to obey the Lord, and more and more, they followed the path of sin. It was necessary that the Lord raised Elijah as a prophet to rebuke Ahab. Then, since the king did not listen to him, a drought took over the land for three and a half years.

When the time came for Elijah to present himself to the Israelites, he proposed a them challenge. Soon, people would know that they could not fool around with the Most High, God of their ancestors. The priests of Baal and Asherah did not manage to make fire come down from heaven. In fact, they would never be able to do so. Baal is Satan himself and does not have permission to act according to his will, especially if he is before a true servant of the Lord.

In the same way, every religious lie that comes directly from the devil to deceive those who do not know the truth will be unmasked. God will hinder false prophets, wolves clothed as sheep – or as pastors – to deceive those with little understanding. On the other hand, everyone who is deceived by the fascination of riches and the cares of life, filling themselves with ambition for worldly things, will be defeated.

In order to prove that God had sent him, Elijah gave a message to the people. Every servant of God must always seek from Him a word to share with someone who had some kind of suffering. Certainly, the enemy wounded him and surrounded him with many lies, such as the one that he could not trust in the Almighty anymore. Those who teach wrong doctrines to the children of God will be accountable of their sins, and His treatment will be severe to them.

Elijah told the people to come near to him. At that moment, he was going to prove who the true Lord is. Israel had to come near the man of God in order to prove that there was no kind of trick in his hands. Eight hundred and fifty cried out, and the holy fire consumed the holocaust. Thus, when everyone came near to him, the prophet repaired the altar. 

It is necessary to restore the altar of God in the midst of men. This is simple to carry out, as long as the word sent to the preacher is given by the Most High. From the presentation until farewell, the minister of the Gospel must speak in a way that pleases God, without deviating from the Scriptures. Every stone that Elijah put in the altar was a sign of faith for the people. The revelations of the Word are stones that are used to rebuild what has been broken. Halleluiah!

When the multitude came near, Elijah restored the altar, divided the holocaust according to what the Law ordered, and prayed. At that same moment, fire came down from Heaven, consumed the holocaust, and all the people cried out in one voice: The Lord, He is God! The Lord, He is God (v. 39). We cannot make philosophical services! Let us do what Jesus taught us! Only the Truth sets free.

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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God of Elijah! You are the same, but many have not sought you, and thus, have lost the authority of showing the people Who has the power to heal the lame, blind, and those who suffer. We must learn to use Your Name with respect!

Ahab introduced the cult to Baal in Your nation, and therefore, people where led into lies. However, when You lifted up Elijah, it all started to change. Your power operated and the people came to know that You are the only God.

We must repair Your altar, placing stone over stone, so that when we pray, You may answer us with fire. We want to see Your servants singing that only You are God, letting go of mistakes and religious lies. It hurts to see so many people deceived by false prophets! Help us, Lord!


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