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Then the Philistines took him and put out his eyes, and brought him down to Gaza. They bound him with bronze fetters, and he became a grinder in the prison. Judges 16: 21

The man destined to be the deliverer of Israel fell into the hands of the enemies, for not being alert and not honoring the call of the Lord. May this be a warning to those who play with sin and abuse divine grace. We only have this time to carry out God’s orders. If we do not, we will give an account to Him on the great Day. We can not act irresponsibly and think that we will not attend the Judgment Seat of Christ.

There is no one who reads the Bible, or hears the preaching of the Word, and says that they do not know God’s purpose for them. The person who is carried away by temptations breaks the protection placed around them. No matter how much one is dedicated to a religion, when listening to the Word, whether it be a message or a hymn, they cease to be innocent, because, at at that moment, the Spirit of God spoke to their heart, giving them the necessary guidance.

Samson’s parents insisted on proving that the woman from Timnah was not good to be his wife. He was deceived by passion! When the angel visited his parents to talk about his life, he revealed to them that Samson would be different from the rest in Israel. Although others married philistine women, Samson should not dare to do that, because the Law already prohibited this act. Teach your child the revelation of the Word from the earliest time, because without revelation he will perish (Proverbs 29:17, 18).

After his disappointment in his marriage, Samson used the power given by the Omnipotent to revenge himself, not to regret for having married a stranger. With this act, the power of sin began to act stronger in his life. Samson was a hero of God, but he acted as a servant of sin, and when he saw a prostitute, he went to her. When the person is disconnected from the Most High, he sees what he should not and finds the doors to evil, but he does not feel used by the devil.

In the case of Samson, we realize that the fall of a servant is made up of several crazy attempts on the paths of error. Even when the Holy Spirit convinces of error, most people give in to the lies of the devil and consider themselves superior to others. He who believes that due to the fact that he was, or is being, used by God, gives him the ability to sin, is certainly misinformed.  When transgressing, the person approaches their end.

Samson thought he had found the right person to be by his side. He must have praised God for the heroine of the Philistines, because she was different from other women. She was sweet and full of charm. Being in the flesh, the young man soon fell in love and, at that moment, what mattered most to him was to be with the love of his life. In his mind, everything was perfect, as it happens in a fitting block assembly when each piece is in place, forming an object. Was this the relationship that he needed?

The end of Samson´s life was sad, because Delilah persuaded him to reveal the secret of his strength. Possessed by the devil’s hatred against the man of God, this woman equaled Judas Iscariot, who betrayed Jesus for 30 pieces of silver. Delilah’s payment was like that of a prostitute. However, the hero of the Hebrews had his head shaved, his eyes were put out, and did not finish his race.

In Christ with love,

R. R. Soares

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God of strength, light and wisdom! How can such a powerful ministry end up in nothing? Many have behaved like Samson. The Delilah´s, the heroines of Satan, seek their interests and have no feeling of mercy or friendship.

Samson did not respect Your plan to be dedicated to You since his mother´s womb. He was Your answer to a nation oppressed by the Philistines. Being sent by You, he should have remained alert.

Help those who are enchanted with the "Delilahs"! We need wisdom in order not to fall into the trap of the devil and we need light to remain on the Way. Thus, when we finish the race, we can declare that we kept the faith. Amen!


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