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17/07/2017 - SELF DECEPTION

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If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us. 1 John 1.8

Sin is something really serious. First, the devil leads the person to do wrong. Then, he makes him feel that his act is irrelevant before God. When a person’s mind is taken by what is wrong, he doesn’t even notice the harm he does to another person. Most times, those who are under the power of temptation desire the death of his spouse, when he or she doesn’t condone with his actions.

On the other hand, the Holy Spirit insists with the servants of the Most High to do right, leading them to fear and walk in righteousness. But even so, insanely, they fall in temptation. Soon afterwards, they feel anguished and confused. The person who transgresses will never be the same, unless they truly repent. Forgiveness from on High restores joy and communion with the Father.

The work of the accuser does not finish when the sinful practice ends. He acts swiftly and enthusiastically for he desires to maintain his prey captive. Then, the grieved sinner understands that the pleasure that they felt was too much. Following that, the contaminated mind of the transgressor reasons that after all, everyone has their moment of weakness and that God will understand them. The corrupt person then cleans their mouth and says that they did not commit any evil.

The evil operation continues. The transgressor is self-deceived, for even though the Holy Spirit convinces them of iniquity, they choose to believe that they did nothing condemnable. The criminal mind never recognizes the extension of the pain that they inflicted upon someone. They only notice the pleasure that they judges themselves worthy to enjoy. Poor person!

The worst deception is when we know that God is giving us a chance to make things right with Him, through confession, but we close our hearts due to our stubbornness. The wicked live in deception, thinking that they will never be convicted. Even if they are, they do not care, because they only consider their moment of “pleasure”. “Oh, as for Hell, I don’t care, because what matters is to be happy now”, the foolish ones thinks! They need to be set free.

Most times, the sinner is a liar, because even with evidence of their wrongdoing, they are dissimulated. Women serve as a joke to the adulterous men, for almost always, they only admit to their wives that there was a “small kiss”. The sinner assumes the nature of his new lord, Satan, who is the father of lies. Whoever turns away from good does not care to the fact of losing the true Light in their life.

For this transgressor, the only way out is to look for the offended person and confess their sin. Then, they must place themselves before the Omnipotent and ask for a new chance. Whoever is honest and intelligent admits they have stumbled and asks for forgiveness. The Almighty is faithful and just to forgive the penitents that do not want to deceive themselves; He cleanses and restores them.

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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God, our forgiver and purifier! We cannot sin and right afterwards, affirm that we did not do wrong, or else this makes us servants of the enemy. If we sin, why shouldn’t we cleanse ourselves from our transgression, attaining forgiveness and the purification of iniquity?

“Deliver us from temptations” should always be our prayer. If in the moment of sin we are remembered of what we are doing is wrong, we should soon give a step backwards and resist the enemy. The price of sin is too high. Help us Lord!

Why be deceived if you already know that you are in the hands of the enemy? The best thing to do is to seek for the offended person and get things right with them. Then, it is necessary to confess all to You, Father, so that You may forgive and purify us. Have mercy, Lord!


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