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Whoever secretly slanders his neighbor, Him I will destroy; The one who has a haughty look and a proud heart, Him I will not endure. Psalm 101:5

To slander one’s neighbor displeases the Lord extremely. No one has the right to comment concerning the lives of others, even if they are wrong.  Truly if we had to speak evil concerning anybody, it would be good to start with ourselves.  No doubt, we know wrong things about ourselves that nobody else knows.  Never condone or approve that which the Lord does not like, unless you want to displease Him. 

This matter is so serious, that the Lord says that to slander someone – to tell the things that are rotten about them in secret – leads Him to destroy those who do this. The Most High is not jesting when warning us concerning this.  When you learn that someone has sinned, pray and if you have the opportunity, share with that person what the Bible says about that error.  Don’t show only the problem, but also the remedy prescribed in the Word. 

We must love our neighbor, in spite of them being completely lost in their iniquity. As in the Church of Corinth, this happens today in many lives (1 Corinthians 6:10,11 ). Society needs people with wisdom and patience to deal with the errors of those that are in the wrong. Those who sin are not convicted by the Lord that they have done what is not good and must be treated with the love of God.

Ask God to give you understanding to act readily, because the slanderer who has been led by the devil must be stopped immediately. The person being used by the devil is in a perilous situation, and if he is sentenced he will be destroyed.  Many have been led by the spirit of pride and practice things that are condemned by the Word, which will condemn them to eternal suffering.  Act promptly before it is too late!

The Lord does not bear the pride of those who judge themselves superior to others.  These people are being presumptuous when they look down on those who did not have the same opportunities as they did.  They should think and reflect if they were also looked down on or condemned by anyone else.  Our look has to be one of compassion, because certainly we would not like to be diminished.  Never let the devil use you. 

The Most High does not bear the proud.  Why act in haughtiness if God made all of us?  In the world, there are people that are even pleasant and charming but that for some reason look down on others.  This is of the devil!  What is the reason for a human being to judge anyone for having been born with a mental or intellectual deficiency, or by their appearance, stature or color of skin?

Set yourself right with the Lord now, because tomorrow will be too late! Verify if you have allowed the forces of Hell to control your eyes or your heart. If so, what awaits you at the Court of God is very serious.  It is time to seek the Truth and obey divine will.  The Most High truly loves you!

In Christ, with Love,

R. R. Soares

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God of love and forgiveness! Help us to never slander our neighbor, even if he has committed horrible things and been a criminal. It would be correct to give everyone the attention we would like to receive.  This way we will be blessed!

We do not want to slander anyone in public or in private, but show them that love is the best because it is even stronger than death.  Therefore those who are in wrong paths will be converted.  That we may be an extension of You!

Deliver us from a high look, presumptuous or proud which discriminate and destroys lives that know not the Truth.  Deliver us from pride in our hearts that make us feel superior to the others.  We do not want to displease You, Father!


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