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I will bring back the captives of my people Israel; they shall build the waste cities and inhabit them; they shall plant vineyards and drink from them; they shall also make gardens and eat fruit from them.  Amos 9:14

The people of Israel were excited and praised the Lord when they heard the prophecy that they would come back from captivity. When we, the saved, understand that this promise was fulfilled for us when Jesus died, there is a mixture of joy and sadness that takes over us – sadness for not understanding before the fulfilment of the promise and joy for knowing that the enemy can no longer oppress us.

The Church needs to take on its authority and go beyond the borders, in order to destroy the evil work done all around. Even though people may let themselves be led by the enemy’s lies, avoiding persecutions and sufferings, those who are truly set free and love God do not want to waste a minute. The world still does not belong to Jesus because of the timid and cowardly in the work of God.

We can never consider ourselves better than others. We must reach out to the lost, preach them the message of salvation, and thus, they will be converted. Besides, instead of leaving them alone, as possible preys of the demons, we must live in their midst and make them become a special people for our God. Jesus has already given us the example.

Our entry into the many different countries must be to plant vineyards. They should not be about quick or sporadic visits. We must build alliances with those people, or else the deceiver will trick them, and it will happen to them as it is in many nations in Europe. The Gospel has already been the faith of most in these places. However, today, what matters to them is money and sin. The Lord is no longer worshiped in those places.

The wine that God brings forth in the new lands of the Gospel is the best to be sipped, because it comes from the faith of people that paid a high price to live, since they were dominated by various kinds of sins. However, once they heard the Good News, they surrendered their bodies and souls to the good Shepherd. Then, through their innocence, the Lord receives the purest of praises. Undoubtedly, from the mouths of the little ones He has received perfect praise.

There are all kinds of spiritual fruits growing in those lands. Those who do not stop to see the work of the Most High in their midst do not understand the reason why the Gospel is growing so much amongst these wonderful people. The truth is that these lives have been well fed, and therefore, they have prospered. However, we will still see greater things. Halleluiah!

Get involved with global evangelism. You will see how good and rewarding it is to be in the frontiers of the Gospel. We will soon see a spiritual awakening happening where we never thought that it could happen.

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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God, our deliverer! Joy overflows in us when we understand how important our work around the planet is.  Millions of people are hearing about Your wonderful love and tasting it.

The information that we have been brought back from captivity is a Truth that allows the us to live the dream of freedom. You have been good and kind to all those who listen to You.

There is prosperity all around. Wonders, prodigies, and signs are happening in places where some people thought there was no more hope. Your majesty has brought joy to the hearts of those who had been forgotten by Your people. The glory is only Yours. Thank You!


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