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Give to the Lord the glory due His name; Bring an offering, and come into His courts. Psalm 96:8

He who has attained salvation in Jesus has one of the greatest missions entrusted by God to him who fears Him: to give due glory to His Name. We must drive out the forces of darkness, but would that give Him the glory He deserves? To spend all day doing this is the guidance of this verse, or is there anything else to do? We have a challenge to understand and fulfill.

Whenever David returned from battles against the enemies who wanted to destroy his people, he glorified the Most High. At that time, people anxiously awaited the return of the warrior of Israel. In the same way, we must defeat the tempter. Our victory over any of the devil’s onslaught must teach others to use the Name that is above every name. Halleluiah!

Today, the return of the valiant people of God must be equal to that of the heroes of the past. When they came back from the war, those who could not go (such as the elderly, women and children) praised the Lord. Besides the spoils brought by the valiant people, one thing was certain: they would no longer be oppressed by their enemies, and they worshiped God with a joyful heart. The same must happen in our days!

The prayer of King Hezekiah and that of the prophet Isaiah against Sennacherib king of Assyria, when he besieged Jerusalem to seize it, caused 185,000 Assyrian soldiers to be killed and the king returned home defeated. With this, the Name of the Lord was praised and respected. This should happen every time we are under the attack of Hell. To glorify without reason is not to give due glory to God.

Christ exalted the Father whenever He healed paralytics, resisted temptation, and delivered the needy. We must walk as He walked. There are brothers who do not even think about glorifying the Name of Jesus, because instead of entering into the battle for blessings that would help them and bless many, they find it more practical to seek the help of man. Poor believers!

To offer is to surrender the soul with desires, intentions and plans, casting everything onto the Lord. It is also, in an attitude of submission, to renounce everything to gain the sublimity of the Most High and to be able to dwell in His presence all the time. He who does not offer himself to God, refuses what He has accomplished and promises to accomplish for those who seek Him. We have nothing else to do but to truly love Him!

After presenting your life on the altar, you will discover that the Father will use you as you have always wanted. The lack of consecration prevents the Lord from blessing you and operating more in your life and through you. With Him, you will be the blessing that everyone expects. Giving the Name of Jesus the due glory is the highest goal of your existence. Without Him, all that exists is empty and meaningless!

In Christ with love,

R. R. Soares

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Majestic God! What a beautiful guidance You gave to the psalmist! You are the King of kings, and to You we should give due glory. We know that man can give nothing to You, unless he first receives something from Your hands.

Glorifying You is a challenge that we cannot fulfill unless we have Your help. We want to be guided in the right way and do what You want. By faith, we accept the challenge.

Help us to offer what pleases You, to put into Your hands the best that You have given us - life. Then, You will make us someone that You approve, and we will live at the highest level. We need to enter Your beautiful courts. Amen!


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