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Now after he had seen the vision, immediately we sought to go to Macedonia, concluding that the Lord had called us to preach the gospel to them. Acts 16: 10

After having achieved great success in Asia, Paul had a vision at night, in which a young Macedonian asked the apostle to go to his land and help his people. Until then, the Gospel had not reached Europe, but many had already heard about the work begun in Israel and what happened to Jesus. Therefore, the territory was prepared for the Lord to send someone who would announce to them the Good News of salvation.

Dreams, visions, and the revelation of the Word are God’s means of directing us in the journey of faith. Soon after the vision, Paul concluded that the Most High had called him to be in Europe and announce the message of Christ there. So he obeyed. Every step of Paul and Silas, Paul’s helper, were directed by the Most High. There would be doors being opened and others closing. However, this was the best way to begin the work on lands that did not know the Truth.

The apostle did not inquire whether he would have comfort and income in the mission field because he received nothing to do the work of God. He lived by making tents to sustain himself; with that, he could silence anyone who accused him of exploiting the faith of the people. It is not wrong for the worker to be payed for his work, because Jesus said that the labourer is worthy of his wages (Luke 10: 7); but Paul decided to provide for himself.

Soon, he found a purple saleswoman who received him, as well as his staff, at her house. Well settled, they hoped to shake that city and they would do it, because the Gospel is the power of God. No doubt the Lord had not sent them to that place to enjoy privileges, but to preach about the abundant life conquered by Christ to all those in suffering. The gates of Hell would not prevail against the advancement of the Church in that place. Halleluiah!

Leaving the city to find a place friendly to prayer, Paul met a young woman possesses by a spirit of divination and freed her from the evil spirit that oppressed her, but it cost the apostle dearly. The lords of the girl, seeing that she could no longer guess and give them a profit, turned in Paul and Silas to the authorities, who condemned them to be beaten with rods. Their crime was to preach the Truth, so they suffered because of it.

By obeying God, they found doors that opened and others that closed. After having received many lashes, they were delivered to the jailer, who threw them into the dungeon of a Roman prison. Dripping with blood and countless welts, they did not complain about what had happened to them, because they knew it was part of the divine plan. Never murmur about anything that happens to you for loving God.

The Most High sent a great earthquake, which opened the prison gates. Then, instead of fleeing like a terrified animal, Paul held the other prisoners and with that, led the rude Roman jailer and his family to salvation, showing that he knew the God whom He served. Strive to know who the Lord is, because this will be of great value to you.

In Christ with love,

R. R. Soares

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God, the only Lord! The example left by Jesus must be fully followed. We cannot complain over afflictions that we suffered in the mission field. On the contrary, we have to fulfill our mission. You never sleep or doze off!

Those dominated by demons must be set free, even if it costs us some suffering. You are powerful to guard us from all evil and use us in what people fear most, such as prison. You will provide our deliverance!

Instead of weeping and complaining, Paul and Silas, with welts on their backs, did not murmur, but they praised You. Your earthquake was planned for the prisons to open, and for them to see the first conversions happening in Europe!


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