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All the sinners of My people shall die by the sword, Who say, 'The calamity shall not overtake nor confront us. Amos 9:10

The future of those who belong to God’s people, but do not believe in what He says, will be sad. They are missing out on the greatest of opportunities because although they have been reached by the Truth, they have been led by lies. So what can the Almighty do to get them out of the hands of the enemy? Now, when we do not believe what God says, we make Him a liar. How will we escape this sin?

Whoever says that they stopped believing in God, in fact, never believed in Him. So you cannot expect Him to help you the moment you are being attacked by evil. To believe in the Most High makes us blessed. Thus, we will never be forsaken, but assisted by Him during the moments of anguish.

The ten Israelite spies who doubted the words of the Most High concerning the Promised Land – letting themselves be carried away by the fear of the people who inhabited some part of Canaan, and disbelieving that the heavily armed cities with high walls, as was the case of Jericho, would be given to them – could not enter to see the glorious manifestation of God to those who give Him credit. The Most High never forsakes the saved.

The prophets of the Lord prophesied that the kingdom of Judah would be destroyed and the people taken to Babylon, but not even the king believed them. The false messengers, who did not believe in the Most High, were able to make the error prevail. After the capture of Jerusalem by Nebuchadnezzar, there was no point in believing that God had spoken the truth, because, for 70 years, they would remain in the Babylonian captivity.

Those who ignore the divine counsels will die by the sword – attacks by the spiritual forces of evil. Thus, they will not partake of the eternal Glory, which will be a reality for those who expect the coming of the Master. The Lord has everything under control and, in due time, He will show who is true and who is false. The person who believes in the lie will see that the Almighty can do nothing else in their favor.

It is useless to believe that evil will not come because today the nations are heavily armed, the people are educated, or for any other factor. What God said will happen as it was spoken. The stupidity of some serves as nourishment for the spiritual forces. As it was with Sennacherib king of Assyria, who faced Judah, and in one night had his 185,000 soldiers killed by one angel of the Lord, so it will happen to those who do not give credit to the Almighty.

The only way to escape destruction is by listening to the heavenly Father. So even though the situation is or seems difficult, those who trust in Him will see that all that is said about the power of man and the faith of religions is nothing in the face of the majesty of the Almighty. The Lord will judge the unfaithful and unbelievers. Victory belongs to those who believe!

In Christ with love,

R. R. Soares

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Lord! The king of the North did not believe in You as he should. Thus, his stubbornness costed him the life and the perdition of the nation. Everything You say will come to pass just as You said. Therefore, we cannot let the enemy deceive us and destroy us.

The day will come when Your Son will come in the clouds to get us out of this wicked world. When that happens, it will be our deliverance, because we will be with You for all eternity. We want to hear You and love You more!

Help us to rid many people of the destruction. They will die by the sword if we do not intervene. Do not let lies deceive us, because Your Word is the most powerful Truth. May your hand keep us from doubting what You tell us.


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