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13/09/2017 - THE LAND IS CROWDED

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And Pharaoh said, “Look, the people of the land are many now, and you make them rest from their labor!” Exodus 5:5

Satan always conspired or plotted against man, taking his subjects to extreme absurd: to kill their neighbor.  Who has any right to take the life of their likeness?  Nevertheless, every day we are exposed and shocked with what we read in the press or hear about another such crime that was practiced. The motives vary but in all honesty it is true that behind any homicide there is a devil in action.  Even the countries that practice the death penalty should rethink their policy in this matter.

Divine order is: “Thou shalt not kill.”  God knows why this is forbidden and will hold those that do kill to be accountable on the Day of Judgment.  What will the lethal weapons manufacturers say?  No doubt they will be held responsible for the lives lost due to the weapons that they made.  Those that rented the weapons, gave them, loaned them or sold them will also be held accountable and made responsible. All those that hold practice against His commandments will be exacted a price. Mercy!

On hearing the message that the Lord sent through Moses and Aaron, the Pharaoh answered them saying that the Hebrew were many in number and insinuated that they had a good life and bore more children.  Actually the devil led the king of Egypt to this because he already knew that the Hebrews would see the Liberator of mankind. The devil will try and will do anything he can to obstruct or annul the preaching of the Word. But the Lord is Sovereign.

It is customary to recognize and say that times are very hard today and restricting human childbirth to only one child will guarantee a better education and higher standard of living, more comfortable. However, only the Lord can determine how many are born, because being the Creator of the Universe He has everything planned out in advance.  Woe to the ones that rise to obstruct or oppose the plans of the Lord! Surely he who does this will have the same destiny as that of the devil. Never cooperate or collaborate against the fulfillment or accomplishment of the divine will or plan.  Don’t obstruct or thwart the Almighty’s project!

When a married couple does not fear God their sexual intercourse is for pleasure only and not for procreation, as the Lord commanded when He instituted marriage. God has declared that children are His inheritance so we should lend ourselves to agree and obey Him and His will and cooperate with what He predetermined. Why not obey Him who planned us and brought us into existence? Why follow Cain who belonged to the devil and killed his brother?

In many nations the enemy has obtained the approval to legalize abortion on demand for any motive or for no reason thus proving that the devil’s hatred for the human being remains very high. Unhappily the lawmakers in these countries creates unjust laws that do not protect  the defenseless that are being conceived and gestated and are by definition a human life.  All should seek the Almighty, and in Him the answers and solutions to their problems and challenges will be found. This way no child conception would be deprived of birth.

The devil wants to take people to a cold and cowardly act such as aborting a life and throwing it out.  Alas, those who defend or practice abortion will have to pay an enormous price for this monstrosity. It grieves and pains us to know that many doctors practice it. What else can be expected from someone who lends himself to such barbarity?

In Christ, with Love,

R. R. Soares

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Lord of Life! Those who do not fear You or respect You disdain human life and unjustifiably are capable of interrupting a pregnancy arguing that the fetus is a product of criminal act. What does the baby have to do with that?

You teach us not to kill. Nevertheless, some feel they can judge who is to live and who is to die, depending on how much money is paid to allow this perversity. The demon that was active in the Pharaoh is still active in the same scheme.

Help us to elect those who fear You and thus write and approve only laws that are just. Whoever kills a life that is being formed might exterminate one that may provide him with employment even though he is paid for this. That this despicable practice may cease!


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