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13/03/2018 - THE LORD IN OUR MIDST

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For where two or three are gathered together in My name, I am there in the midst of them. Matthew 18:20

There is no greater privilege than being a child of God, accepting Jesus, and escaping worldly corruption. Our well-being is guaranteed forever because of Christ’s work on the cross. He gave us His Holy Spirit as a guarantee for having received Him as Lord and Savior. Make good use of your time on Earth, preparing yourself with good actions for eternity. It is worth it!

In the moment we receive Jesus, we acquire power to be children of the Most High, and therefore, the devil’s authority over us is no longer existent. We need to examine the Holy Scriptures, because It contains life and shows everything about our Redeemer and ourselves. Whenever you find a promise in the Bible, believe that it is for you as well, and then, in the Name of the Lord, act boldly and with conviction that it will become real for you.  

When we accept the Father’s promises, we attract His presence to our midst. Therefore, never believe in the enemy’s lies, but agree with the preacher that ministers the Word, who was the power to “bind and unbind” on earth whatever is necessary. If we are united in spirit, we will do, in the Name of Jesus, everything that He guaranteed we could do.

It is important that two or more people learn their rights in Christ and act in unity, in the Name of the Lord, in order to obtain what belongs to them. They will receive what they determine, for God will be with them. Imagine how much a couple can obtain from the Omnipotent if they live in complete communion and respect to the divine instructions! Do not lose sight of any promise, but watch and pray with full conviction.

Jesus life on earth should be studied more. There are many secrets in the sacred act of Jesus by giving up His glory and being born among us, bringing us such benefit. The Messiah went through the door of human birth to become a man, and even now in His eternal form, we have the honor to invoke Him wherever we are to receive the confirmation of our prayers. Halleluiah!

One of the meanings of the Name of Jesus is God with us. The Lord can be found amongst those who cry out for His Name and keep His commandments. If the incredulous discovered that the faith in the Word can end their sufferings, to the point of attracting the divine power to operate in their favor during 24 hours a day, they would seek Him and always do His will.

Do not waste the opportunity of defeating the evil that attacks you by receiving Jesus as the only Lord of your life. You will immediately receive the power to become a child of God and to be accepted as heir and co-heir in Christ. From now on, you can truly be a servant of God, and no evil will befall you.

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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God, Emmanuel! Your Son is ‘God with us’, therefore we do not walk alone in this world. Our hearts are filled with faith by having the company of the Almighty. You bring us the certainty that nothing will oppress or destroy us. To You be the glory!

When the Word became flesh, He thought about us. Thus, there is nothing that we should fear, for You have fulfilled with excellence the mission of destroying the works of the devil. Now, there is no more condemnation to the saved. 

We want to see Your glory to honor You as You deserve. We do not believe in a dead God, but in the resurrected Savior that defeated Satan, and who now lives inside those who accept Him and serve Him wholeheartedly. Thank You for making us become Your children!


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