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And this is the condemnation, that the light has come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil. John 3: 19

The devil has deceived many, especially those who think as children, considering themselves clever enough not to be condemned. In their naive thinking, some think that if they do not listen to the Good News, they may escape by telling the eternal King that they did not know the truth. However, just because they think this way they have already paid attention, because they know that the Gospel changes the destiny of people, taking them out of Hell and leading them to Heaven.

It is not the sin of Adam that will lead you to eternal torment, but the fact that you don´t believe in the Truth (John 8: 32). Whoever tries to justify himself to get rid of Hell will see that Jesus is the Judge of eternity, and not our Advocate, as He is today. In a way, this person is taking the risk of being demoralized in their defense, and they will be. But whoever responds to the message of the Gospel will pass from death to life and will not enter into endless suffering. Halleluiah!

There are those who have made an excuse to reveal in the final judgment, saying that because they were not in Eden, they cannot be blamed for Adam´s action. They are unaware of the fact that the error of the first Adam was undone by the second – Jesus. What will punish them is their attitude towards the Gospel, the Good News that Christ suffered our transgressions: iniquities, pains and infirmities and the chastisement that brings us peace. We are free in the Son of God!

According to the text of John 3, Jesus declared that the error of loving darkness rather than light will lead many into darkness. Now, He is the Light, and any departure from Him is the work of the devil. The enemy does everything for you to despise the Truth, because if the Truth touches you, it will be a danger to the enemy and his filthy purposes. On the other hand, when you pay attention to what is said to you by the Lord, you prove to love God and are loved by Him (John 14: 21); therefore, you will not enter into condemnation, which is marvelous.

When God convinces you of any sin, accept that fact and stop sinning at the same moment. But if you do not hear the Most High, you will surely love the darkness rather than the light, and that will keep you from inheriting eternal life. Whoever is found guilty will have to fulfill the penalty prescribed for his error (Romans. 6: 23). The good thing is to always hold your head high, without bowing to any proposal of the devil.

Those who believe in God receive a powerful faith in the Name of the Only Begotten Son of God. This means that the saved always battle against sin, sickness and other attacks of the devil. By believing in the Name of Jesus, these people have a positive conversation. For them, it does not matter what Satan plans to do against them, because, with a simple order, they demolish the attempts of the defeated one. 

Let the light shine in your life on all occasions. Never desire sin. He who walks with Christ does not have time to think of improper things; after all, he does not want to lose his salvation. Why leave the presence of the Lord to live with the devil? It is better to stand before the Savior!

In Christ with love,

R. R. Soares

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Lord of our acquittal! Thank You for sending Jesus, the second Adam, to give life in our favor, delivering us from eternal perdition. Thus, we pass from death to life. May the revelations of Your Word come!

We want to walk in Your light so that we do not stumble upon the obstacles placed by the enemy to get us out of the true Way. Watch over every step we take and in our decisions. We must remain in the freedom that You have given us.

We want to love You more, so that Your will in our generation may be done as You have planned. So when we finish the race, we will walk by Your side and we will never have the displeasure of listening to Satan. This way, our works will be good. Amen!


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