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For surely I will command, And will sift the house of Israel among all nations, As grain is sifted in a sieve; Yet not the smallest grain shall fall to the ground. Amos 9:9

God’s warnings will not last forever, but if accepted, those who give them due attention will last forever in the Kingdom. After the division of the kingdom of David, both Israel (the part that separated) and Judah (the one that continued and whose inhabitants did not listen to the Heavens and therefore, were taken from their land) turned away from the Lord. Likewise, countless saved are drifting away. If they continue like this, they will not ascend with Jesus on His return.

The order of the Most High will be completely fulfilled. All prophecies from Him will be come to pass, although men insist on saying otherwise. Those who play with the Truth will have the same fate as the irresponsible ones of Judah and Samaria. Reconcile with the Father, because if you wait for tomorrow, it may be too late. To remain in rebellion and error is a great loss.

When the Almighty gives the order, the Church will go through a great affliction. Many will not endure what will come upon it. The sieve will start to be shaken; the dried and withered grains will leak through the openings of that object, and only the true grains will not fall to the earth. Those who live in a carnal way, not even seeking the anointing of the Holy Spirit, will see that this attitude was responsible for their loss.

From time to time, the Most High sends the order for some churches to be shaken. Then we see how many things are wrong in the midst of the holy people. Be careful, because the angels of God who do this move only obey the Word. It does not matter where you are hiding, because you are already in the sieve of God, and among all nations it will be used to leak out those who do not fear Him.

It is good to know that the true grains will not fall, but will be sifted to go up with the Lord. In this way, our future is guaranteed. Having remained in the circle, we shall be promoted to eternal Glory. Submit yourself to God so that, after Jesus returns, you can live with Him forever. Just believe in His words.

When the sieve is shaken, the grain will not decide whether it will stay or fall. That will depend on how it is; it´s future will be shown in the sifting of the sieve. Live free from the enemy. May the Spirit of God be your guarantee. You know what the Lord wants of your life, so there will be no justification. Those that do not fall into the holes of the sieve will inherit eternal life.

The inhabitants of the northern kingdom doubted the prophets; for them, the prosperity enjoyed was proof that nothing bad would happen to them. However, Shalmaneser, the king of Assyria, arose and took them captive. They saw that their rebelliousness did not compensate, but they did not return to Israel. With Judah, the same thing happened; but, after 70 years they returned.

In Christ with love,

R. R. Soares

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God of the commands! What a beautiful day it will be for the saved people, when the sieve will be used! Those who fall to the ground will be sent to eternal suffering. But those who resist the sieve will be free from the demons.

This moment will be very sad for those who play with faith, who do not consecrate themselves and prefer to sin. We need sanctification, justice and help from the Heavens, because we do not want to get lost or suffer forever.

The Church cries out for this shaking! We cannot tolerate those who do not want to serve You. We have a direction to follow: to prepare ourselves with the oil to enter the Marriage of the Lamb. Glory to God! Amen!


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