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22/01/2018 - TO TESTIFY

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And he said, “You will take these seven ewe lambs from my hand, that they may be my witness that I have dug this well. Genesis 21:30

Everything that we do, whether good or evil, is stored in God’s memory for ever.  Now, if we confess our sins, they will be forgiven, and the Lord will never remember them.  With natural man, this is difficult to happen, because he does not understand or practice forgiveness.  What about those who erred and on being questioned, simply said they had done nothing? Poor ones, they will not escape eternal condemnation.  Poor lives!

Man does not how to deal with desire for vengeance, and must turn this right over to the Lord.  Not fearing God, often times, the human wants the small pleasure of seeing his offender suffering, not knowing that to forgive is infinitely more pleasurable and rewarding.  To forego that vengeance is a noble gesture, which certainly will bring great joy and fulfillment.  For this reason, if someone recognizes their transgression and confesses it to you, forgive that person and your soul will be blessed.

Abraham knew that the wicked are liars, so he told Abimelech to take the seven ewe lambs from his hand as a testimony that it was he who had dug and built the well.  Later, should he try to claim it, the patriarch would be in condition to do what was rightful and lawful. Today, this means not using physical force, but yes authority of the Name of Jesus to bind or unbind on Earth what is necessary, because this work is done in Heaven.

When dialoguing with a civil, religious or military authority, do not accept that the other side imposes the rules, because in an alliance, as in any business deal, the parties must be in equal conditions.  This way, they must establish the precepts that will govern the treaty.  If one party foregoes what belongs to it, make sure that the counter party recognizes in writing and recording this fact as truth.

We are heirs to the blessings given to Abraham and for this reason, when needed we can and may request them.  There is no better court to judge your case than the divine; besides giving you a victorious verdict, God will reward you according to the Scriptures.  Anyone who leaves something for the love of Jesus, or the Kingdom of God, will receive 30, 60 or 100 times more.  Never ignore what the Almighty will do for those who obey Him. 

Therefore, when negotiating, even if the other side is saved and has communion with God, make sure that the terms are not contradictory.  It is wise and good to use witnesses, or sign a document in a notary public.  Many stray from the Truth and stay on in church as if holy and pious, but however, they are what the Bible calls wolves in sheep’s clothing.  Withdraw from these (Matthew 7:15). Take care always!

Never allow greed, envy, selfishness and lack of love or any feeling that does not come from the Father, to permeate your activities.  Otherwise, you will have to settle for the damages against others.  When everything is done in the Lord, the chances for failure are zero.  Being a child of Light, do not let a deceiving spirit occupy the throne of your heart.  Room only for the love of the Almighty!

In Christ, with Love, 

R. R. Soares

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God of the witness! It would be very good if all people would serve You and fear you.  If this would happen, nobody would take from others, and there would be no need to go to court.  Unfortunately, however this is happening among Christians”

There are servants who dare to take others to be judged by the wicked for their differences, not knowing that as Christians they will judge the angels.  There are situations where even the church has been accused before the lost.

Lord, what is happening? Have we lost respect or not taught correctly the members of our congregations?  I wish the latter were the case, but there are examples where the lack of love is due to hidden and unrevealed sins.  Mercy!


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