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And the multitudes with one accord heeded the things spoken by Philip, hearing and seeing the miracles which he did. Acts 8:6

There is nothing better than when the children of God are guided by the Holy Spirit. If so, they will see that the Lord does more for His servants today than in the past, in the days of the Law. His visitation to a specific place is more complete and powerful than in the days of Samson, when he started to deliver Israel from the yoke of the Philistines, or the days of Jonah, in Nineveh, when he saw the entire city and king surrender before the Most High.

In the confused city of Samaria, there were some people who sought the truth, but they were oppressed by mystical things. They surrendered to the words spoken by Philip because he spoke rightly about Christ. Nowadays, there are cities and countries that will be visited in a grand and glorious way. If we speak like Philip did, in a blink of an eye people will see how good God is. The glory of the second house – the message of the Gospel – is greater than the first, the Law.

What lacks for us to be used in spiritual battles, as Abraham did when he faced the four kings that defeated the kings of Sodom and neighboring city-states, but did not resist the Hebrew patriarch with his 318 servants? It is possible to see, in one night of prayer, servants of the Most High armed to defeat governments who kill those who preach the Word. I believe we are living in these glorious days.

We must say the Truth as Philip did in Samaria. However, this is not something that comes from man’s intent, but from the lips of those whose heart is in the hands of God! Now, we cannot do anything if we do not receive permission from Heaven. However, do we know what to ask for? May God help us to live in His presence. Then, we will have access to everything that our brethren in the Old Testament had.

The demons were expelled in Samaria in the meetings that Philip led. Why have they not been expelled today? Are our hands contaminated to the point that God cannot use us, or have we not surrendered to Him, as we should? Jesus said that we would be loved if we loved Him, and fulfilled His commandments. If there is any mistake in the execution of the work, it is our fault.

We must believe that Jesus was not wrong, nor did He fail to fulfil the work as Scriptures inform, because He brought us all grace and Truth. Philip understood that he should behave in midst of the Samaritans as one sent by God. Therefore, he managed to share great joy with them. Everyone saw him doing what he announced. Thus, with one accord, they all heard him. Those people could not resist the power of the Most High!

There are many cities like Samaria waiting for the true servants of God to show up, who will not only speak about salvation, but will show that truly the Lord is with them. They will confirm the Word with signs that follow the preaching of the Truth. Thus, the lost will be convinced of the truth of the Gospel. There is more power waiting for us than we think. 

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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God, who lives in us! We have not been deceived by a false message, but we have found You in the Gospel. We must use the power You have given us to share Your salvation to people as the solution from Heaven.

Philip’s example must be repeated throughout the entire world. The frontiers of nations that prohibit the Truth to be shared to the lost cannot hold back Your servants anymore from fulfilling Jesus’ command. Kingdoms will be defeated.


May Your servants be used to raise the lame and make the oppressed find healing, deliverance, salvation, and be filled by the Holy Spirit. There cannot be any room for deceivers. The message will be confirmed by You. Amen!


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