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The troubles of my heart have enlarged; Bring me out of my distresses! Psalm 25:17

It is disturbing when uncertainty overcomes us and we become doubtful whether we will be victorious over oppositions.  In that moment, we feel we are not capable, even though we know that it is the will of God for our lives.  When it seems that He does not hear us, there is only one thing to do: remember that His Word remains forever and trust in it, because this is the only way out. Halleluiah!

Mankind was created to be fulfilled as he serves God and his fellow man.  As he concludes that a chaotic situation is beyond his capacity to resolve it, he realizes how much it hurts to have been foolish by not have sought the Lord and be armed with His power.  Unfortunately, some do not pray nor seek fellowship with the Holy Spirit, and during the trials, they realize that they acted without discernment.

The feeling of helplessness is something serious and sad; it has led many to never again seek the Lord.  But if they try to remember, they would see that they abandoned the Lord, and not the other way around.  Now, under trial, they forget that He is merciful and quick to forgive.  If you are undergoing something like this, remember: we are assured that all things are possible to him who believes (Mark 9:23)

Jesus is the one who affirmed this, but this belief has to come like a gift from the Heavens, because otherwise, frustration will take over our lives.  Therefore, ignore your sadness, go now to the Lord and pour out your soul.  Remain in the presence of God, because he has much more to do for you and through you.  With him, you will become victorious

David knew he could do more, but he understood that he had to ask the Almighty for help, in order to be free from his trials.  Say this prayer to God, but first examine if you had transgressed the commands of the Almighty and tell Him everything. Choose the Fountain of Life, not of death, which has been directing your steps.  God wants to teach you the way.  Will you do this?

No matter how close man thinks he is to God, there are circumstances when he feels to be far from Him, powerless to help those in need.  In times like this, just pray, and ask the Lord to intervene.  Don’t be a fool and allow the enemy to complete the destruction in your life, because you were given the Name of Jesus to rise and place the devil in his place.

Our most burning desires must always be accompanied with meditation on the Scriptures.  This way, our faith will be made present in our words.  Therefore, one simple determination will be sufficient to solve the situation.  God will rescue those who are in trials and take them to a better place where they will live normally.  However, for this to become true you must do what your faith says you must do.

In Christ, with Love, 

R. R. Soares

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Oh God!  Even a man like David, who knew how to seek Your presence and heard You, was in such difficulties that he sought and pleaded for Your mercy!  That’s why he was victorious.

Many of the brothers who pray with me have been anxious, and this has prevented them from being fulfilled in You.  So we pray now in agreement that Your hand will operate in their lives, lifting them out of these trials and fulfilling them entirely.  For this reason we have come here.

You are our Deliverer, who always leads us to success. Therefore we come before You to seek help.  Your powerful presence will strengthen us and make those who pray with me become truly victorious.  We thank You for answering us.


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