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So they cried aloud, and cut themselves, as was their custom, with knives and lances, until the blood gushed out on them. 1 Kings 18:28

Scriptures declare that we will not be heard if we speak much or make prayers with lots of words (Matthew 6:7). We will be heard when we pray in the right way, according to the Lord’s revelation. The prophets of Baal cried aloud, but where not answered. The servants of God who pray with faith and with biblical understanding will always be answered. The oppressed must discover how useful it is to pay attention to the Word, for that is the only way they can be set free.

It could not be a more pathetic situation: the multitude waited curiously to see if Elijah was right or wrong. The man of God was right, and those people would see the Truth, for at the right moment, he would pray and the rain would come. If he ordered that not even a drop of rain should fall for three years and a half, what could the devil do if the prophet guaranteed that Baal would not answer his followers?

Our faith in God must operate as we learn in the Word or nothing will happen in Heaven. God would never ignore His people if they acted in the right manner. The servants of Baal, however, did not have any idea of what they needed to do so that their false god answered them. Baal did not have a code to be cracked nor a word to be fulfilled. Only the Most High can answer those who believe and trust in Him.

Since early in the morning until afternoon, that depressing spectacle made those prophets get desperate and disappointed. The enemy manages to deceive wherever there is no light. His work is madness. There is no peace, just suffering among those who serve him. The prince of darkness is a bad boss and cannot help those who trust in him. The truth is that there is only one Lord and God, the Creator of all things. Our Father is fantastic!

Religious alienation leads people to wound themselves and make many sacrifices in vain. Our faith in Christ is decent, transparent, and perfect. Whenever you feel like doing something inconvenient, hidden, or contrary to good manners to achieve something, do not do it, because it certainly comes from the evil one. The servants of God are always answered in an honorable and true way, according to the Biblical examples.

In the midst of the Lord’s people, there is no one who receives a spirit and loses his conscience, though that is common to witchcraft. How can God’s love make someone get drunk, prostitute himself, do something to split a couple, kill someone, or bankrupt someone? The devil is the one who does this.  However, at the same moment that God’s servants are converted from deception, they are set free and become great announcers of the Truth.

Flee from the religious customs that lead many to make sacrifices, desecrate cemeteries, and even betray their spouses. God’s work is perfect and holy. Soon enough, all the people knew who the living God was, and who Baal truly was. With the Lord, no deception will prosper! Halleluiah!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Holy and true God! It is difficult to understand why Ahab, the king of Israel, got married to Jezebel, who didn’t belong to Your people. Many bad things happen to those who do not follow Your commandments, and their outcome is very sad.

As the days passed, King Ahab let himself be led by his wife’s weaknesses, and soon enough, the land that You gave to the Israelites was filled with filthy altars that were abominable to You. Thus, Your hand had to weigh upon them in order for the people to wake up and come back to You.

There are situations in which people are deceived with the demon and get further apart from You. Today, by faith, Your Church needs to do the same works that Your Son did on this earth, setting people free from false creeds, mistakes, and sufferings. Amen!


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