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And when they could not come near Him because of the crowd, they uncovered the roof where He was. So when they had broken through, they let down the bed on which the paralytic was lying. Mark 2:4

Apparently, the success of Jesus’ ministry could be the cause of disappointment for the paralytic and his friends, but they had faith. For people like that, there is no problem, only solution. Those guided by the Lord should never look at the difficulty, but to the Author and Finisher of  faith: Christ. They knew what to do and did it!

Never take your eyes off the revelation of the Word that went into your heart. Even if something unexpected tries to steal your hope, nothing that came from God can be snatched from you. It is as if one of the friends looks at the other and says: “We are not giving up”. Yes, we can climb on the roof of the house, open a hole, get our friend down and put him in front of the Savior.

“Madness”, some may say. Legalists will soon say that that is not right to do. Those who are always negative, and are not guided by God, will also mention the danger of being prosecuted for damaging the house and having to pay for it. Well, the devil seems to be “good” for those who do not know the Lord – only He is good (Luke 18:19). The desire to convince the paralytic came from the Most High, and the direction of how to do it also came from Him.

Divine guidance came from the faith that inhabited their hearts. Therefore, they would never have any other attitude than to place the sick person before the Savior, in order to see him restored inside and out. Those that belong to the world do not know how much they lose by never doing what God says. By not having the help of the Holy Spirit, they only see what the devil shows and they always loses. The wind blows wherever it wishes (John 3:8)!

Never consider an impossibility as such, but as an opportunity. Since God is in you and guides you through delightful paths, just keep His Word. In the end, you will be blessed. That was the time to do something that would later serve as a valuable lesson to us. Do whatever the Most High guides you, and you will be used to set a good example for many.

The four men did all they could and acted by faith. Jesus wanted to see that in them and He did. If they had yielded to fear, they would have wasted time and effort to lead the paralytic to where the Son of God was. Whoever lets the enemy use them will never be answered by the Almighty. The faithful servant must please the Lord, and those men did it!

Never give up, even if everyone says: “There is no way”. You only have this chance to get it right by faith. If God condemns something, don’t do it. Now, if He instructs you to proceed in a certain way, just obey Him. David was hungry, so he took the bread, reserved for the priests, ate them and even gave it to his men (1 Samuel 21:6).  For whatever is not from faith is sin. (Romans 14:23).

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Lord! We need to understand the institute of faith, which gives You the power to forgive sins, restore lives and do wonders in our midst. Thus, we will act in a way that pleases You. Help us to walk in the footsteps of Your beloved Son!

When there is an obstacle in any area of our life, we must remember that only what does not come from faith is sin. We want to fulfill the command of Your Word, so that You may do Your work and be glorified!

The attitude considered insane and lacking of manners by many was what Jesus was expecting from those men. Thus, their faith would be shown. May we show our faith at the right timoment. Father, we want to please You!


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