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‘Thus says the Lord: “You shall not go up or fight against your brethren! Let every man return to his house, for this thing is from Me.” ’ ” Therefore they obeyed the words of the Lord, and turned back from attacking Jeroboam.  2 Chronicles 11.4

During the days of Solomon, God announced: I will surely tear the kingdom away from you and give it to your servant (1 Kings 11:11). Although he knew this decree, Rehoboam, son of Solomon, and the men of Judah and Benjamin were in despair when it came to be. Then this king gathered up the best warriors in Judah – 180 thousand chosen – in order to fight the kingdom of the North, known as Israel.  But the Lord intervened and they retreated.

When something comes from God, it has his approval.  Jesus said, A man can receive nothing unless it has been given to him from heaven (John 3:27).  Many pastors divide the congregation with the objective of starting a new mission, but they do not realize how they will be held accountable for such a measure.  Now the Lord is perfect and would never cause a scandal to mar His works.  It is better to suffer than to rebel!

Due to Solomon’s idolatry and other sins he committed, God raised him some adversaries, including Jeroboam, who served as the overseer of the house of Joseph.  Just as the Almighty had promised to David, the kingdom would only be divided in the days of Rehoboam  (1 Kings 11.12).  Therefore, Jeroboam was not a rebel but was raised to fulfill the divine purposes.  Through Shemaiah, God avoided Judah from going to war. 

When God sets up a mission, some leaders, because they do not know His plan, plan other things against those that the Lord appointed or named.  Now, the work of the Father will never be annulled as these people desire. The evil and malice of those who use unlawful means to foil the spiritual growth of the mission is incomprehensible.  The envious should seek the counsel of Gamaliel (Acts 5:34-39).

The orders were clear: You will not go up nor will you fight against your brothers. Once in Rio de Janeiro, various Evangelical leaders rose up against our mission in a sordid manner, together with sorcerers in witchcraft, in order to persecute us.  God intervened and they paid a terribly high price. Pay no attention to the claims of those who oppose the Lord´s work. Woe to those who try to thwart it! 

Through Shemaiah, God decreed: Return each of you to your home, because this came from me.  Unfortunately the leader of the rebellion, Jeroboham, seeing the power come to his hands abandoned the faith in the Lord and went into idolatry and witchcraft. He was afraid that his subjects would go up to Jerusalem to worship and turn to Rehoboam. Now, he who is not well with God fears the devil!

We must hear the word of the Lord, because His determinations will happen, even if man tries to oppose or prevent them.  It is best to surrender to the Father and obey His sovereign will.  All those who are called will have their place in the Kingdom of Heaven!

In Christ, with Love,

R. R. Soares

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Lord, the  wise Counselor! How can anyone not listen to You or agree that You are perfect? People err when they are filled with envy and persecute the ministries and missions You employ.  Instead of this, they should continue to preach the Good News; and thus honor You. 

We do not know Your mysteries, nor can we guess at them.  If we are bothered with something we have to enter into Your presence and learn from You.  The devil cannot use us! Father, come dwell in my heart.

Forgive us, when we fail to observe Your Word and do not enter into communion with You.  Often times, we do not speak of Your love to the lost.  Your work has to be done only by faithful servants.  Put those that fight against You in their deserved place.  Amen!


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