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Paul, a prisoner of Christ Jesus, and Timothy our brother, to Philemon our beloved friend and fellow laborer   Philemon 1.1

Because it is a small letter, probably few people pay attention to Paul’s epistle to Philemon, one of the pillars of the church at Colossae. We should never judge anyone or a situation by their appearance or the importance that man gives them. The Eternal would not command his servant to write to another if it wasn’t necessary. Never rush to speak what you have not heard from God, because He does not see as we do (1 Samuel 16.1-7). Watch and pray!

In the course of the following messages, we will learn what Philemon the Amiable (that is the meaning of his name) had to hear from the apostle. The church in that city met in his house, and that made all the difference in those days (Philemon 2). Being a wealthy and well-known person, the people of that place respected him, and many bore witness to what God had done through the ministry of Paul, who was now a prisoner in Rome. The Lord is faithful!

Even a testimony coming from a simple person teaches a lesson for us, because it is not what they speaks, but what God teaches by the manifestation of His power. He who listens to one who expresses, using words, the love and power of the Name of Jesus, is soon called a child of God, even without having heard about Christ. The Master said this to the paralytic from Capernaum, when he saw the faith of the four friends who brought him to Him through the roof (Mark 2.1-4).

If we would learn from Jesus to do His work, we would see more of His operations. Those who receive the Word get faith faster than the religious. They attend the service without giving place in their hearts to the Lord’s statements:  So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God. (Romans 10.17). When Jesus saw the faith of the four men and the faith of the sick man, He rejoiced and said that the sins of the paralytic were forgiven.

The best thing we can do in our service to God is to sow His Word in every heart that comes to us for help. On the other hand, we can pray, cry, and plead, and yet nothing happens to someone to whom we cry out for healing or deliverance from a certain problem. The Father can only answer when we have faith; without it, there will be no connection with Him (Hebrews 11.6). We receive blessings by grace through faith (Ephesians 2.10). So listen, believe, and receive!

In the next few messages, we will study what led Paul and brother Timothy to address a message to the amiable Philemon, one of their co-workers. Likewise, when we are doing God’s work, we should write to the person who helps us in the work, passing on accurate information to those who expect benefit for themselves or others, or instruction on matters pertaining to faith. The lack of contact, or neglect, can result in great loss.

Wherever we minister the Word, we must be on the alert as to the collaborators, called by the Lord to participate in His work. It will not be possible to build something for God if we do not have the assistance of other servants. Jesus said that everything is possible, so we must never despise those whom He calls to assist us.

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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God, our Guide! How could we do Your great work without relying on You? In fact, You have already begun to use us and help us, ever since we felt we had to tell someone about salvation in Jesus. And we really need to do that!

Show us Your will, and we can believe that You have given us the ability to accomplish any task. Therefore, deliver us from temptations, errors, and loss of faith; without it, we will never please You. Every day there will be someone else to be rescued!

We need to grow in faith and in Your power. Then, You will work more effectively through us. The world needs to know You, but if we keep silent, how will people believe? May Your wisdom and anointing be upon our lives. To You be the glory and the honor!



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