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08/12/2021 - A POISONOUS VIPER

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So, when the natives saw the creature hanging from his hand, they said to one another, “No doubt this man is a murderer, whom, though he has escaped the sea, yet justice does not allow to live.” Acts 28.4

Despite not knowing the Lord, many lost people are aware that He exists and works His justice against criminals. It is easy to convince someone who does not know about the Almighty´s existence. If we tell him about creation and Adam’s disobedience, that soul will soon see that such a message fills the void left by the Lord’s departure from man when the first sin occurred. However, if we talk about religion, nothing will happen; only through the Word will that person believe (Romans 10.17).

Accused by the Jews of blasphemy, Paul appealed to Caesar (Acts 25:8-11). Being a Roman citizen, he enjoyed of this prerogative. Thus, no one could prevent him from going to the king of Rome to be judged by him. The devil knew that this man had been chosen to take the Name of Jesus to the farthest peoples, who were waiting to hear about the Messiah, who came to redeem them from sin. As we evangelize the world, we will see multitudes saved. God is faithful!

The apostle was handed over to the centurion named Julius, and other prisoners followed in the same ship. The wind was contrary, and they arrived with difficulty at a place called Fair Havens. There, they stayed several days, but decided to go ahead. Paul warned them about the dangers of their journey, but the Roman officer believed the captain of the ship more than the apostle, and so they went on. However, the ship sank some time later.

One night, an angel of God visited Paul and revealed to him that the crew members of the ship were given to him, so none would be lost. After 14 days without food, Paul urged them to eat. So, after giving thanks, he began to eat bread, and they all followed him. The ship ran aground between two seas. Those who could swim jumped into sea; the others, using planks, also reached the island. Then they learned that it was called Malta, and there the apostle faced a great struggle (Acts 27:9-44)!

Malta was inhabited by barbarians, people who did not belong to the Roman Empire, who welcomed the shipwrecked men with great humanity, lighting a big fire because of the cold weather. However, while picking up some sticks to throw into the fire, Paul was bitten by a viper, which clung to his hand and spewed poison at him. The apostle, with the steadfastness of one who has faith, carried it to the bonfire until it broke free and fell into the fire (Acts 28.2-5). God is great!

When the barbarians saw that Paul was still alive, they said among themselves that the apostle must be a murderer, because justice would not let him live. This teaches us to grow in faith, not to go out in despair when faced with a similar case, but to firmly set an example of how a servant of the Lord must proceed. Those who do not have this faith soon seek help. Paul showed in Whom he believed!

That act of faith made the whole island believe in Jesus. There are cases that cannot be explained from a human point of view. We have been empowered to live as witnesses for Christ, whether we are pastors or church members. Therefore, we cannot deny Jesus, our Savior. God is Lord!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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God of true righteousness! How many bad things happened to the apostle Paul, but his spirit did not faint! In spite of the trials he faced, he kept going until the end, looking at the goal, which was the commandment You gave him. We want to serve You!

We cannot let man influence us with his problems or his temptations. Nothing will change our faith in You, so we are not bothered by the evil things they do to us and the daily struggles. They do not keep us away from Your will!

Paul was privileged when he arrived in Rome, because he was allowed to live on his own. He saw Your hand in all this and at home he could speak of Your love, bearing witness to Your grace as well. May the saints serve You as You wish. Thank You for Your love!


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