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11/08/2020 - A PROMISE OF LIFE

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On the third day He will raise us up, That we may live in His sight.  Hosea 6:2

Hosea was used by God to prophesy Israel, the northern kingdom. The message of this servant was clear: the Lord would tear His people to pieces, open a wound on them, and then heal them. This message was fulfilled in the sacrifice of Jesus, who was wounded for our transgressions, was dead, and rose on the third day, reconnecting us to the Father forever.

The cross was cursed, and Jesus was publicly humiliated on it. He had no sins, but received the punishment that brought us peace. The Master was sick, taking our pains to please God, and the darkness could not stop Him. Then He took the keys of death and Hell, sealing our redemption (Rev. 1:18).

When Christ ascended into heaven, He sent the Comforter to earth to convince man of sin, righteousness, and judgment, for only then would he understand this redemptive work (John 16:7-8). Whoever accepts this Truth resumes his position among God’s chosen ones, triumphing like Jesus, who stripped the devil of the power with which he oppressed the world since Adam’s transgression.

He has quickened us to announce to sufferers that in the Lord there is a crown in the place of ashes, oil of joy instead of sorrow, a garment of praise and not of mourning. Then all who are grafted into Him will be called trees of righteousness (Is 61:3). The Almighty has entrusted you with this mission! Be God’s idealized person and show the world His glory.

Worshiping God is not repeating words or offering Him sacrifices as in ancient times, but obeying His commandments. Each day we must renounce sin and walk in newness of life in order to enjoy the abundant life provided by the Savior in His sacrifice (John 10:10).

In possession of this Truth, we will resist the onslaught of evil and declare its departure from any area of our living in the Name of Christ. The devil and the demons can’t touch us. The Son of God guaranteed us salvation. Therefore, accepting sickness and misery is not an option for the Christian. Believe in the Lord, and you and your house will be saved (Ac 16:31).

After the victory of Jesus, principalities and powers lost control over the human being. So enjoy that freedom without giving a millimeter to the evil one. You are more than conqueror in Christ (Rom. 8:37), who, upon leaving the tomb, gave us the hope that all those who wait on Him will be resurrected (1 Pet. 1:3). Thank God with your faith!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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God and our Lord! You have fulfilled in us the revelation given to Your servant Hosea, making Your only Son suffer the shame of the cross to rescue us from the hands of the devil. To thee be honor and praise forever!

If Your promise of life has not been true in us, forgive us, Father! We must honor the work done by the holy Lamb whom you have sent to provide for our redemption. We must please You by believing in You!

When we assume our position in Your Kingdom through Jesus, you are glorified! Death and Hell no longer have power over us, and we can walk with You! It's beautiful to belong to your family!


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