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12/01/2020 - A YOKE TO YOUR GLORY

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By your sword you shall live, And you shall serve your brother; And it shall come to pass, when you become restless, That you shall break his yoke from your neck. Genesis 27.40

Esau consciously sold his first born birthright to his brother Jacob and later, although he sought repentance in tears he was not able to reverse the loss.  Esau was profane, for he considered of little value the gift he had gained by force before he was born.  When we sin, we must repent.  If the error is not intentional it is easy to be forgiven, but if we sin consciously it is almost impossible to be saved.

Isaac was like a prophet pronouncing hard truths to his favorite son, who was a hunter which pleased his father greatly.  Esau learned that he would live by his sword and would serve his brother. We see that he had everything to be the heir to the promise, but since he was given to be harsh and savage, accustomed to the dangerous life of the fields, he was not the type of person that the Savior would come through.  Seek the Lord, so that He will deliver you from all evil.  Many that have been converted to the faith still live like in the time they were in sin.  What can be said of them: saved or not? The truth is that the second birth is an experience that has a permanent impact on man, with transformation of character and meekness as Moses had. (Meek means submissive to God).  Being made new creatures we are transformed by the Spirit of God that lives in us.  When we are delivered we have to shake off the yoke!

Esau’s error left him under the oppression of the enemy, but since there is freedom for all, when he understood his error, sought the Lord and confessed his sin, he would be delivered.  Then he could shake the yoke off his neck.  Today, in the same way, whoever sins must repent, and as he sees the deliverance, he must rid himself of the shackles and chains that kept him bound to Satan´s clutches.

Here the word neck means the glory of God given to those who seek Him, the oppression that makes him submissive to the enemy.  After confessing his sin, you will know and feel the right moment to seek the offended party and your heart will feel free.  However, even being forgiven, in case you do not declare yourself free – which in fact you are – there will be no deliverance.  Shake the yoke now and do not subject yourself to the evil one. 

After fulfilling the Word, pronounce a declaration of faith to obtain your Independence.  Nobody will obtain the much desired freedom if they disobey the Lord.  Follow the direction of the Holy Spirit and become the person that the Lord promises. We were called to enjoy communion with the Son of God.  This is of greatest importance, for we have to produce the fruits worthy of salvation.  What do you say to this?

Shall we live the by the Sword of the Spirit, the Word? With it there is no condemnation only freedom.  The Gospel is the true Land of the Promise, where we are forgiven, saved and victorious in all things that the Father entrusts to our hands.  Therefore do not tie yourself to the past. 

In Christ, with Love, 

R. R. Soares

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Deliverer God! Those who surrendered to You to preach Your Word are delivered by the Word.  No power of the enemy will keep this person shackled or bound to the devil.  We thank You for delivering us from him.  Halleluiah!

Help us find those we have offended so we might make ourselves right between us.  Accordingly we will enjoy the true life with You unfettered by any snare that would keep us in the dirty and evil claws of the devil.  In Jesus, we are free, and for this we thank You. 

We want to release ourselves from all things that hold us to the past.  So then, we give You true praise because with the death of Your son, we were washed in His most precious blood.  Your mercies have come upon us!  Amen!


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