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But the father said to his servants, ‘Bring out the best robe and put it on him, and put a ring on his hand and sandals on his feet. Luke 15:22

After hearing the son’s confession of repentance, the father sent his servants to get the best clothes and dress him. That man was in a hurry to take his son back, because he did not want to lose part of his being to the enemy. The wide gate led the boy into the wrong world, but the narrow gate-the narrow Way-would make him a true heir and successor (Matthew 7:13,14). Of the children the Lord has given us we cannot lose any of them, for they are all His heirs.

It is likely that the son was wearing the best clothes he still owned to go see his father, but because of the weather and the conditions of the trip, they must have become dirty. Even though he saw his son leave for the world of deceit, the father did not use heavy and bitter words to show his sadness when he saw him again, but told his servants that he was receiving him back and wanted to see him in beautiful clothes.

The Lord has planned the best for you, who also wasted your youth and the good things received from your family. Your involvement with the world has shown you your lack of judgment, but now, you realize this: the doctrine of the family is the best way to lift you up and make you truly in the image and likeness of the Father. See yourself in wonderful new clothes!

God is in a hurry to see you well dressed, and not in rags that sin has reduced you to. Be strong and determined to say no to sin and give the Father your best. Those who love the Lord strive not to return to the ways of deceit and to stay on the path of freedom and God’s love. There is no way to compare the old, broken and bumpy road with the one prepared by the Father for His children. In heavenly life, you are completely fulfilled.

The Lord’s servants have placed the family ring, symbol of authority in Christ Jesus. The Holy Spirit has convinced you that your path was evil, and now, by the power of the Almighty, you will attain all blessings again; just get up, meet Him, and say all that is in your heart. He is a forgiving God.

God is giving you beautiful shoes, those of the preparation of the Gospel of peace to soon crush Satan under your feet (Ephesians 6:15; Romans 16:20). Your feet are the good abilities that the Creator has given you to get around in this dirty and dangerous world, without fearing the lies of the devil. Step forward and take possession of your rights in Christ Jesus. That way, there is no way the devil can defeat you or stop you from achieving all that the Lord has set as yours.

From now on, dress in the best clothes of the Father’s house, dignity in everything; with the family ring on your finger, the authority over all evil, and your feet shod with shoes, which will give you the ability to step on serpents, scorpions and other creeping animals. These will not be able to do any harm to those who are prepared for battle.

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares


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God of restitution! Not only do You accept the ungrateful prodigal son back, but You clothe him in the best garment of Your house. Now he will no longer act foolish or wasteful, but will do Your work with wisdom and ability never seen before!

With the ring on your finger, the enemy will never enslave you. He who has Your seal has Your power, and therefore he will honor You in every battle. He will resist the devil and his demons, and will represent You with the wisdom and authority that come from You!

Such a person will not fear the day when You will crush the devil. With shoes given to them by You, they can walk safely knowing that no harm will come to them, nor will they be subjected to the shame of desiring swine food. They will sit at Your table. Amen!


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