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10/04/2019 - ACCESS TO HEAVEN

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Then he dreamed, and behold, a ladder was set up on the earth, and its top reached to heaven; and there the angels of God were ascending and descending on it. Genesis 28:12

This dream that Jacob had, when a ladder was placed on Earth and its top touched the heaven has much to teach us.  We see that the angels of God were ascending and descending it but they did not talk to Jacob.  The Lord was at its top but did not descend.  This was the mission of the angels, for they surrounded the one who had a greater task than to seek a bride in his mother’s family (Genesis 28:1,2). Nevertheless, they did protect him.

We read in this text about angels going up and down the ladder.  The question which needs to be answered is: does this also happen to us? The purpose of the ladder was to make Jacob aware that the Lord watched over his life, because, soon thereafter, God spoke to him, making great promises.  Years later, when returning to his homeland, he could claim the fulfillment of these promises and obtain the divine response.

Our ladder is our faith in Jesus and angelical beings given to us for our protection are constantly present in it for our protection.  Just like Jacob, we do not have to seek any contact with them, even in prayer, or offer sacrifice or render them worship.  We must relate only to Him who is at the top of the ladder, our God, in the name of Jesus.  Through faith we can come before Him and plea.  This is what He wants us to do.

There was no talk with the angels nor was any plea placed with them, but certainly, because Jacob was a man who feared God, he prayed and was answered.  We must proceed in the same way in order to be blessed and delivered from problems.  Our subject matter is with the Father, to whom we plea for rescue.  Even if He sends us some of His messengers – and this does happen – we must continue to address ourselves only to the Almighty.  We must only plea to Him. 

Those who worship angels or seek to talk to them are drawing themselves away from the Word and treading dangerous turf.  Because the Bible does not authorize us, this person will be visited by demons that will use even well-known names to say that they are servants of God with the intention of aiding.  The angels’ work is not revealed to us and there is no instruction in the Bible for us to pray to them. 

Don’t waste time trying to contact angels of God, although in truth they may be sent as men in some situations. (Hebrews 13:2).  However we have no way of knowing when this does happen.  The testimonies of some people who swear to having been visited by these beings are nothing but daydreams or appearances by the devil himself to fool them.  Never abandon the Word or seek fame by inventing stories. Bow only to the Most High.

God spoke to Jacob from the top of the ladder.  By the faith that He had given him, according to the teachings of the Bible, He will also talk to you.  As you listen to the Scriptures – lay hold and declare them – you will activate the fabulous heavenly power in your favor.  There will never be contradiction in them; so stay exclusively with the biblical understanding!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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God, our Commander!  We must understand Your Word even more so we do not err and give the devil a breach for him to attack us.  We are and will always be Yours.  Keep us from the deceptions of evil.

You will guide us in all Truth, and through faith we will describe those things You have made known to us and will lay hold of them.  We will that we may never stray from the Word seeking other novelties – the old lies of the enemy. 

Speak to us through the Bible and increase our faith so we do not stumble.  We do not want to leave Your presence or bend to do the will of the devil.  We must grow in faith and in Your love.  Amen!


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