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And all the elders and all the people said to him, “Do not listen or consent.” 1 Kings 20:8

After finding himself in great difficulty and without consulting the Lord, showing no respect for Him, Ahab called the king of Syria his king and lord, gave him his silver, gold, his wives and his children – the healthy ones – and saw that the enemy was insatiable. Ben-Hadad told him that he wanted more: all belongings of that king’s house and his servants. Thus, Ahab summoned the elders.

By exposing his situation, those experienced men advised Ahab not to give ear to Ben-Hadad, nor receive anything given to him. However, Ahab’s response was still permissive, for he would give him everything he had guaranteed. However, the second petition would not be granted. The king of Syria was outraged and sent a “rude” message to the ruler of Israel, mocking the size of the Northern kingdom.

Whoever agrees with the devil becomes God´s enemy. Understand: we do not have to give anything to the devil. But some people are unaware and give their families to Satan, declaring that there is no way for them, and so they die. We must teach the family and those who work with us to fear the Most High. Then, when evil comes, one will rebuke and cast out the forces of darkness, and glorify the heavenly Father.

We must serve the Lord only. When He guides us to give something to the church or to the needy, we must do it. To let the evil one lay his clutches on the goods bestowed upon us by the Most High is to deny the faith and turn away from Him. The Lord promised us that when the enemy comes against us like a flood, His Spirit will lift up a standard against Him and face him (Isaiah 59:19). God fights for us!

When he heard Ben-Hadad´s new threat, King Ahab answered as a man of faith, in line with the decision taken by the elders of Israel. Now, instead of fearing, he even mocked the threat of the Syrian king. The sad thing is that Ahab never stood firm in God and was frequently influence by his wife Jezebel. Likewise, many claim to serve the Most High, but, in fact, they are deceived.

If you have been threatened by the devil in any matter, get right with God. The threat proves that you are far from Him. Whoever walks beside the Most High resembles that person with a strong immune system, who never gets sick. You only win if you are well with the Almighty; thus, the enemy will not strike you. Whoever “pretends” to have faith is never successful.

Gird yourself with God´s love, the existing authority in the Name of Jesus and the anointing given by the Holy Spirit. Then the enemy will never attack your life with lies. Be a conqueror in Christ – that’s why He called you to be His disciple. Whoever learns from the Lord is never defeated!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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God, our Power and Strength! Because Ahab was not well in Your presence, he did not care to give Ben-hadad his material goods, his wives, and his healthy children. We cannot and do not want to give  our possessions to the enemy. Help Us!

We must walk before You in love, standing at Your side, doing Your will, not the enemy's. See what we lack! There is probably a lot to be fixed. But with Your help, everything will work out for our good.

Come and renew us with Your wonderful Spirit! Then there will be no moments of hesitation or defeat. In all things, You will have primacy in our life. We love You, Jesus and Your Holy Spirit.


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