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12/06/2020 - ALREADY DECIDED

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And even now the ax is laid to the root of the trees. Therefore every tree which does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire..  Matthew 3:10

When He sent His Only Begotten Son to the world, God the Father fulfilled the promise of man’s redemption. Christ would not fail in this mission, even knowing the sacrifice through which He would pass, replacing us until divine justice was satisfied. Today we must fulfill the other part of the Lord’s plan by believing what has been done to us; thus, He will finish the work in our life. Never let him down!

Never forget that Satan was stripped of the authority he stole from Adam. To please the Most High, we need to help people to learn the Truth and act upon it. In addition to being free from the hands of the evil being who oppressed all without mercy, we have the power to destroy their works. God is tremendous!

Those who know the Scriptures but do not believe in or exercise the authority delegated to them by Jesus are rebellious to divine purposes. Why disobey? We have to go all over the world and preach the Good News to the lost, using the power of the Lord to cast out demons and heal the sick. Our obligation is to take care of the needy, for we will be rewarded or condemned for what we do for them.

The rebels will find it very bad to refuse to collaborate in the divine work. Meroz, a Judge-time city state, is an example of this. She crossed her arms and did nothing for God’s people. The Most High even touched nature so that the Israelites could rid themselves of the oppression imposed by the Midianites for 20 years. The stars of heaven and the brook Kishon cooperated, Meroz fell silent and was cursed (Judges 5:23).

The eternal situation of billions of people is much sadder than you think. Each day thousands take their last breath and depart for eternal damnation. And worse: there is no way out of the lake of fire and sulfur. Once condemned and thrown into the eternal bonfire, there is no chance for them. That alone should move us to strive for evangelism and not pay the bill in the end.

The ax has already been placed at the root of the trees. The fruitless who fail to speak of God’s love and do not lead the lost to Christ will be cut down and thrown into the fire. Many people will be excluded from the Kingdom of God and will go into the fire because they live exclusively for themselves. Check how you have acted regarding the salvation of the wicked and begin to do good. The End Day of all things is fast approaching. Be careful not to be surprised!

The second millennium is ending after this word delivered by John the Baptist, and to this day the world has not been evangelized as it should. It’s our generation’s fault, because if the previous one didn’t do their homework, we can’t cross our arms and let things go on as they are. What will you do?

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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God who decides for us! We cannot live for ourselves alone, leaving the instructions of Thy Word as some choice, which we can decide whether or not to do. The ax, which is at the root of the tree, has cut many people.

We need to fulfill our mission by telling every creature about the cross of Calvary, where our salvation was purchased by the blood of Christ. But whosoever is not born of water and the Spirit shall not come into thy kingdom.

We do not want to be responsible for the cut off lives of Your Kingdom. If we are to announce the Good News, we must speak to the lost and the believers. This will prevent them from being lost and so will we.


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