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04/03/2020 - ALWAYS BE A SERVANT

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And the angel of the Lord said to Elijah, “Go down with him; do not be afraid of him.” So he arose and went down with him to the king. 2 Kings 1:15

Among those who have heard and answered God’s voice are Elijah. No one dared to tell a king that he would pray and would not allow rain or dew to fall on his territory (1 Kings 17: 1). The monarch must have laughed a great deal, and the devil must have tempted him to think what Elijah would be if his word failed. But he who spoke to the prophet was not a man to lie, nor a son of man to repent (Num. 23:19). Hallelujah!

Despite being used in many ways, and successfully, Elijah was not smug. He knew such vanity could keep him from hearing the voice of the angel of God. Elijah brought down fire from heaven, and he consumed two wicked captains. The third officer even asked for mercy so that he and his 50 soldiers could get rid of death. After this episode, the angel of the Lord told the prophet to come down from where he was and go to King Ahaziah’s presence (2 Kings 1:15).

In those days, the prophets were the greatest authority of God’s Kingdom on earth. With their prayers, the heavens closed and opened, time went back and even the dead rose again. Today this position is occupied by the Holy Spirit, who speaks to us from the Scriptures. Those who do not read the Bible or meditate on God’s revelations will be left without discerning whether an offering is from the Almighty or from the devil.

Never stop being humble. This feature shows that you have the Lord as your Commander. If you want to be God’s instrument, make humility your greatest mark. Freeing your vanity, changing your voice, making extravagant gestures, wearing exotic clothes or something like that, will make people walk away from you. Let the Almighty will lift you up and success will come.

It is important to respect the prohibitions of the Most High. Samson broke the vow of obedience and revealed his secret. He thought that, with or without hair, the Lord would honor him. Now the Most High will never change His orientations. However, if you choose the biblical standard that every man of God should have, nothing from the enemy will reach you, and you will be fully used by the Holy Spirit. To God be praise!

A prophet from Judah was sent by the Lord to speak against the altar of Jeroboam. This king would offer sacrifice in affront to divine orders. Although this prophet was brave and unmistakably used, he listened to the liar. He then contradicted the Lord’s command, so a lion found him and killed him (1 Kings 13:1-22). Despise the words of the enemy. Hear only the voice of the Spirit of God.

Take a look at Mary’s attitude when the angel declared that she would become pregnant by a holy work and give birth to the Savior of mankind. She knew she could be accused of fornication and stoned; But the future mother of Christ answered the angel, Behold the handmaid of the Lord; Let it be done to me according to your word (Lk 1:38). There is no better answer than this. Amen!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Our perfect guide! Elijah's work that day began with His angel commanding him to rise, meet King Ahaziah's messenger, and send a question to his lord: was there no God in Samaria?

The king of Israel believed that the lord of the fly could reveal to him the future. Poor fellow! Father, the future of all lies in Your hands. No one can stop searching for you and go to the powerless. May everyone understand that only You are God!

After the fire of heaven destroyed two captains and their soldiers for disrespecting Your anointing, the third captain was wise and pleaded for his life and that of his soldiers. We ask you for the ability to believe in yourself and do your bidding. Amen!


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