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and were baptized by him in the Jordan, confessing their sins. Matthew 3:6

To do God’s work, one must believe that the Lord has forgiven and saved him, as well as being called by the Lord and directed by the Holy Spirit in the Word. Realizing the results of her mission, she rejoices to see the changing lives of the lost and the witness of the blessings received. Whoever continues to follow the Master on the last Day will be on His right side among His sheep and will live in the Kingdom of Heaven forever.

No one can work in the field of the Lord by pretending to be saved, having learned and memorized the manner of speaking and proceeding of the saved. But whoever is a saint will see his time come. Then you can no longer lie and pay dearly for playing with God. The Almighty is in charge of His Church and empowers all who will do His will. These will be God’s blessed forever.

The phases of salvation and sanctification must be passed to maturity in faith (Eph. 4: 11-16; 5: 15-21). The first is to hear the Word and believe it; then to repent of sins; and then pass through the waters, receiving the Holy Ghost. The confirmation of salvation comes to the heart of the one who is filled with the Holy Spirit, for the Comforter baptizes the convert with His power. After this experience, the Christian is tested in the works commanded him and in the trials he goes through. Each will be salted with fire (Mk 9:49).

Believing in the conversion of those who utter foul words, lives in sin and deceives others is a mistake. Neither the gathering of the sheep nor the way they act is like that of the goats. Even if this person shows no fruit worthy of repentance (Luke 3: 8), never expel them from the group or entrust them with any task. Intercede for her. Many find it hard to learn to walk with God, so they must be warned and taught.

Do not hurry to put someone unprepared for a ministry, even if there is no one else for it. Who does not know the good Shepherd nor is known by Him will be a curse in the congregation of the Lord. Moreover, personal charisma and ability to speak or lead do not show that one is prepared to lead the flock of the Most High. By the fruits we know the tree (Matt. 7:16).

Our work must be confirmed by God. Notice: In addition to going to the desert to hear the message of the Lord from John the Baptist, people went to the Jordan River to be baptized. “Converts” only came down to the waters after confessing their sins – something required of the baptismal candidate at that time. Should we do this today? No! After all, there is no record that Christ required such an attitude from His those He baptized.

It is extremely important to teach the meaning of baptism and then make sure that each person is determined to follow the Lord in fact without exposing them to embarrassment. In every situation, we need to be steadfast in the teachings that Jesus left to the apostles and His Church.

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares



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God who confirms our work, we must prove to ourselves if we have been saved, for we cannot preach Your Word if we do not belong to You. Never let us be deceived or deceive anyone. Teach us to love You!

We want to give you the results you are expecting, for we are called to represent You and fulfill Your pleasant, good, and perfect will. We cannot speak or do what we think is good. May we produce fruits worthy of Thee!

The important thing is to see, on the last Day, the people standing at Your right side. We don't want to see anyone on your left side because of us. Get us to act right! When any temptation approaches us, deliver us as you have promised in the Word!


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