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Deliver me from my enemies, O my God; defend me from those who rise up against me. Psalm 59:1

Sometimes, man doesn’t measure his words and refers to God as if God were in the same level as himself. By doing that, man doesn’t honor the Lord for who He is and what He does, becoming an object in the hands of the devil. Why risk yourself for nothing, despising divine warnings of a real judgement? Those who don’t prepare themselves for eternal life will suffer greatly. Our cry is for those who understand the danger of being away from Christ; they must wake up!

The Church plays an important role right now, because the world’s philosophies have already proven to be inefficient and will never achieve justice as humanity wants. We must seek the God of heavenly armies, because by our own strength there is no way to fight against evil that destroys hope. If the Lord isn’t with us, we will never be successful!

When Israel sought God and found Him, they’d be delivered. Biblical records serve as an example so we will seek Him with all our heart. He will allow Himself to be found by those who demonstrate sincerity in their soul and a will to be free. We can always trust in God, because our battles will be fought by the Most High. Victory belongs to those who believe in the Lord, surrender to Him and live by faith in Christ.

Let’s call out in one voice, following the orientation that came through David, the psalmist king of Israel. The question is: do we want to see our problems solved or will we allow the enemy to destroy people’s hopes? The Father has awakened and rescued human beings. After all, Jesus overcame the devil and empowered those who received Him to accomplish the work just as He did. God is amazing!

The saved ones, who have been ransomed from their sins and are now eligible to become members of the body of Christ, have the necessary anointing to end this wave of sin and filth that covers the world. But, unfortunately, many act as traitors, worrying only about enriching themselves with the gifts they received from God. They forget this was what all the people did in Noah and Lot’s time (1 Peter 3:20; Luke 17:28).

However, the day came when the ark was sealed, with all kinds of animals inside, and only eight people were saved. The flood killed the rest who didn’t believe in the message that was announced for years by that preacher of justice (Genesis 6 and 7; 2 Peter 2:5). When the door was closed and the rain started falling, the people became desperate and realized they had made the wrong decision. The same happened when Sodom was destroyed, and again, sinners died.

Don’t be treacherous; be someone who understands the importance of the Lord’s warnings. Because He loves us and wants the best for us, He leads us to reflect upon leaving the wide door of this wicked world to live eternally. What do you think? The decision is in your hands. Live by faith!

In Christ, with love,

Dr. Soares

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God of Israel’s armies! We don’t want to commit the same mistakes as those who lived in the time of Noah, because they didn’t believe. We want to obey You, to go to heaven with Jesus. Come, our Beloved! The Church is waiting for You and believing You won’t be late!

Awaken Your people to evangelize, to demonstrate Your power and to give the lost ones the opportunity of accepting Christ. We pray there won’t be traitors among us, but faithful servants.

Awaken people from every nation, even nations where darkness persecute those who preach the Truth in a furious way. Man can’t leave for later what he can do today. Lord, save the lost ones and bring them to life!


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