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as you know how we exhorted, and comforted, and charged every one of you, as a father does his own children, 1 Thessalonians 2:11

It is not enough to give children what they need if we do not know how to exhort and comfort them properly in the faith in Christ. During times of temptation, these teachings will be worth more than a good inheritance. It is vital to have the name written in the Book of Life, because when Jesus comes to seek the redeemed, our children will be among them. Would it be good to see them with a college degree, wealth and good things, but losing their lives forever?

Those whom God places under our care need to know His love in its fullness, and not only possess material goods. The saved must grow in a perfect and righteous way until they reach the stature of Christ. The Lord does not want to see His people living in sin, because if this happens, that person will be sent to the lake that will burn with fire and brimstone. Mercy!

To exhort someone is to encourage them to obey the Lord and thus, receive divine promises. The words of exhortation should be given in a loving tone, so that the most sensitive ones do not take offense or go astray, thinking that they are not loved. We must be careful not to harm anyone in our service to God, because the price paid by Christ for that life was too high. Be a friend!

To comfort is to solve the daily problems of life, following the biblical teachings. It also means to lead a person to relinquish themselves when defeated in a competition when, despite having worked hard, they did not achieve the result they expected. The mourning period is another good time to comfort someone by teaching them the Truth and showing them that we will all go through death. The best thing we can do is to make everyone love God!

Oftentimes, a good exhortation leads the one discouraged in faith to continue to believe in the Most High. For this to happen, we must tell this person testimonies that will strengthen them. No doubt this will make them overcome what appears to be a loss. To reflect according to the Word on a certain subject that has surprised someone, will make this listener learn to live in a pleasing way to the heavenly Father and to serve Him with love.

Keep in mind that new converts in the faith are like babies, who still cannot control their own lives. Therefore, they need to be treated as immature children. Only after walking with God for some time and not being carried away by sinful offers can they be left alone to make decisions that will make them succeed. Pay attention to the new converts!

Remember that the people whom the Lord places under our authority are His property and not ours. Therefore, we must pay attention to their needs so that there is no loss in the flock that He has entrusted to us. The “babies” in Christ cannot distinguish the voice and the bonds of the enemy. So we have to patiently give them the security they need!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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God! How will we help the newcomers in Christ without Your help? Often, we do not know what to say or what direction to take. So we act in the opposite way to Your will. Come to our aid!

On the other hand, if we are ministers of the New Testament, we must believe that we will receive what is necessary to carry out our mission. We cry to receive wisdom from Thy throne.

We have been rescued by You and we want to continue to serve You with joy. We must understand that the blessing of giving the safe direction to whom You have placed before us comes from the Scriptures. With You, we will do the very best!!


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