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As the Lord had commanded Moses, so the children of Israel did; and they divided the land.   Joshua 14:5

The commandments of God found in the Scriptures are to be completely fulfilled. There have always been people who have despised in order to please their own desires or for other reasons. Of one thing we can be certain: failing to observe them will bring some kind of penalty on us. It is necessary to take responsibility and do what the Most High commands, for the Biblical records are directed to all people. 

God is Lord of all people under all circumstances, so we must come to know His precepts and follow them. This is the perfect way to show that we love Him and allow Him to love us. Not one statement from the Bible needs to be improved. Besides, no one can dodge from executing each one unless he does not mind perishing. He who lives in disagreement with the law and the testimony will not see the light (Isaiah 8:20).

Those who follow the doctrinal idioms which have allowed the practice of major sins, saying that today they are allowed, are completely mistaken. They will certainly be condemned on the Day of Judgment. Jesus said He does not know those that commit iniquities, even if one day that person was used to heal the sick, do wonders and even to prophesy. The Lord’s answer causes us to rethink the decisions of men in their councils and conferences.

Moses had already died, but those who guided the nation, led by Joshua, did as the Lord had told to His servant. If they had disobeyed, they would have been disapproved and certainly convicted. We must do the same works that Jesus did.  Now, if Christ spoke about the man who received a talent, but did not gain another with Him (Matthew 25: 24-29), why stop doing what was ordained?

Divine warnings always have a purpose. When we feel from the Lord that we should heed them, we must obey. Sometimes the commandment given to one person, concerns us as well. However, it is necessary to know what the Father’s will is regarding any situation, in order to get our actions right. Now comes the question: if we use our faith, but the work is not done, can we consider ourselves blameless? No! If our command was not obeyed, it is because we do not speak according to faith.

As time went by, some religious leaders failed to do as they were told; then, in order to be “in good terms,” they made declarations outside the Word. Thus, a lot of doctrines have been created, and many use them in order to justify their actions. Many people claim that they did everything within their power, but if that did not happen, it´s because it was not God’s will. Now, in the revelation of the Lord, there is only assurance. So then, believe in it!

Joshua and his helpers divided the land according to the Most High´s guidance. Today, we have to act exactly as He tells us. If we are obedient then we will be blessed. Make sure you have followed the divine guidance. Otherwise, there is still time to repent and fulfill it.

In Christ with love,

R. R. Soares

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Only Lord! We must do what You command us, or we will be considered rebellious and disobedient. Therefore, tell us what it is we are to do, because we want to take part in the group of those that please You.

We want to love You, in order to be loved by You and by Jesus. This will only be possible with Your help. Allow us to know what You have in store for us, as well as the power to carry out Your work.

The Israelites divided the land as You had told them, but we have not shared Your blessings. Mercy, Father! Your directions should be followed by all people. So help us, for we want to do Your will!


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