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Then Jesus said to the centurion, “Go your way; and as you have believed, so let it be done for you.” And his servant was healed that same hour. Matthew 8:13

The great battle of a person who longs for a blessing is not with God, but with his stubborn heart, which has no pleasure in turning away from the things of the world and rejoicing in the Lord our Savior. Therefore, they are constantly asking for the fulfillment of their wish, as they cannot prosper in their own way. Now what Jesus said to the centurion will tell anyone who comes before Him needing to be attended to.

The officer only needed one word from the Master; after all, he had meditated on the Nazarene’s deeds in favor of the people. In witnessing the healings, he found the following: All that was said of Christ proved that He acted under heavenly power, and therefore had authority, as well as the centurion himself, who had Rome above him and soldiers at his command. . Jesus praised him for his fearless faith.

That captain was no sage, but one who was in prayer and was therefore enlightened. In telling the Lord that he was also a man under and with authority, he showed himself to be ahead of many whose fame was that they knew God, but they did not know that powerful yet simple truth. What he learned by observing Jesus made him be attended to.

How many people insist on what they don’t understand! Now they do not understand why they do not examine the Holy Book. It is no use surrendering with all your heart to do the will of the Lord if you do not even know how. The best you can do is see someone believing everything they tell you, but it will never happen to them. The truth is to be carried away by the love of God, who will prepare you to be the victor in every battle. What is your decision?

The religious even liked to see the Master saying that he would accompany the centurion to his house, because if he failed to heal his servant, the Master could be held responsible for not fulfilling His promise and therefore would not be the Son of God. Now we must watch and not speak beyond what the Bible teaches. If we exceed what we call faith, enemies will propagate that Christ’s message is not what He said. So only speak what is revealed to you!

Christ taught us: Before we begin to build a tower, we must verify that we can finish it; thus they will not mock us (Luke 14: 28-30). Whoever acts according to the Word will never be confused. Prudence is always good! What the Most High does not say He is not required to do. To assume a position in the Name of the Lord without being authorized is a certainty of failure. Never do anything outside divine orders.

After you have learned from the Lord, examine whether you can believe. Perhaps the revelation is for the future. Anyone who claims that something is from God and therefore has to be done soon did not hear Him who confirms the word of His servant. His word should be uttered only after hearing the Almighty or seeing Him working (John 5:19). What do you say?


In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Lord above and with authority! We learned a beautiful lesson from the centurion's words! We also need to be wise and always do your bidding. You have the command, so teach us to serve You.

We can only start something when we have the resources. We must know to seek, hear, and learn from You, to get you where you have pointed. Your work can never suffer any harm because of our hasty decisions.

We need to hear from You saying that we can go, for as we believe it must be made for us. Instruct us to be obedient and victorious servants. So we will make you happy. Thank you for being our God and Master! Amen!


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