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The LORD has sworn in truth to David; He will not turn from it: “I will set upon your throne the fruit of your body. Psalm 132:11

We can be certain of one thing: the Kingdom of Heaven will never cease to exist among us.  Due to the love for the work of Christ in our favor, the Lord will never allow to turn away the face of His anointed (Psalm 132:10).  This will be as a warranty for us to sleep and wake up in peace, for we will never lose this eternal joy.  Even if we are unfaithful the Almighty will continue in His faithfulness, because he cannot deny Himself. (2 Timothy 2:13).

God will never stray from the Truth.  Even though the majority of men fall into sin, those that are obedient to His Word will be taken to the eternal Kingdom of Joy.  This promise was made to David, who in this case represents the Savior that one day would do what was necessary to redeem us.  We are part of the Seed of Abraham promised to the patriarch when he honored the Almighty’s command.

Jesus is seated on the throne of David, one of the names of the throne of God.  However, if the Christians turn away from the commands and testimonies taught by the Lord daily, they will not sit perpetually with Him.  Everyone who is saved must know they were seated on the throne in Jesus, but when they fall into sin, they lose their position.  Then, like Saul, who was anointed king of Israel, they become obsessed by the devil.  Mercy!

God’s gifts are without repentance, irrevocable, however those who give in to sinning and deny the revelation of the Word cannot remain before Him.  Even not wanting, the Lord had declared that Saul would be king of His people.  From one day to the next, a common citizen of Israel was made chief of state.  However, he did not worry in keeping divine precepts so he was disqualified for ever. 

The Christian must be careful not to let pride or vanity enter their heart and thereby think himself superior to others.  Alas, as early as the second year of his reign Saul considered himself very important. As his people scurried to escape the Philistine, and Samuel the prophet delayed, the king did not withstand the pressure and offered the sacrifice which could and should only be carried out by the prophet.  Due to this act, Saul heard that his kingdom would no longer subsist (1 Samuel 13). What harm and loss he suffered for not having observed the precepts!

Rather than pray and plea forgiveness from God, Saul did not care about his senseless act.  Further on, Samuel took him a message from the Most High: he should kill Amalek, destroying those people that had done harm to Israel in a cowardly way.  Saul took 210 thousand soldiers and began to carry out obedience to God.  However, when he met with king Agog, the latter convinced Saul to let him live and keep the cattle and sheep.  Because of this Saul lost his kingdom. 

This serves us as a warning! We cannot bow to the temptations of the devil and fail to obey the will of the Father.  The apostle John declared that those who deviate from the proper way are out of the bounds of the doctrine of Christ and do not remain under the Lord and His protection.  But those who persevere in it, have not only the Father but the Son (2 John 9).  Claim your seat on the throne!

In Christ, with Love,

R. R. Soares

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Father! We can rest easy and certain that nothing will remove us from Your hands.  We must remain steady and firm; this way we will not be dragged to eternal damnation.  If we disobey and continue in error, nothing else will redeem us.

Saul could have continued his reign until his demise, but he allowed the human will which is of the flesh and the devil to direct and guide his decisions. By sparing Agog, the king sealed his fate forever.  We want to go all the way, so as not to be separated from You. 

Deliver us from the hands of the enemy, who wishes to destroy us.  We say no to the flesh and its unbridled desires.  They have no place in us.  Help us, Lord!


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