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As messengers of death is the king’s wrath, But a wise man will appease it.  Proverbs 16:14

Many people do evil physically and emotionally for pure pleasure. They are used by the devil, the author of all wickedness. Even asking them to change, it never happens. We must intercede for the salvation of these human beings, for if this does not happen, many will suffer. Amazingly, cruelty accomplishes its practitioner.

The king’s wrath is a violent action in his heart and does not measure the damage he will do in the other’s life, as happened to Amaziah king of Judah. When he confronted the Edomites, he injured ten thousand of them and took another ten thousand alive. . But he brought them to the top of the rock and threw them from there, and they broke (2 Chr 25:12). Fury is cruel enough to do evil to those who have no support, to suffer or be destroyed.

Never allow anger to overwhelm you, for you can be used by it to harm someone. If an opponent is in your hand, do not exceed the accusation or judgment of such a person used by the devil to attack you. It is right to demand your rights, but if you are in great agitation, you may overdo it by requesting redress.

A person who is filled with anger, he can sin in thoughts and words, for this feeling is impetuous. As God’s servants, we have to repress what drives us to act outside the Word. Each person reacts differently to an evil done against him. However, if she allows anger to take hold of her, her actions may be inconsequential.

When David fled from Saul, who had promised to kill him, there were times when the young man might have eliminated the king of Israel. But David’s respect for God’s Word did not let him harm the chief of his people. This is one of the factors in seeking the divine commandments. Sooner or later people will face adverse situations and, if they do not fear the Lord, will act contrary to His will.

In his wanderings in the wilderness to get rid of Saul, David became friends with all. One day she needed help and told her to ask Nabal, a wealthy farmer whom David helped by protecting his shepherds and sheep. That same farmer uprooted him badly. Upon hearing the answer, David was angry and, out of control, swore to kill him and do the same to his family. Nabal’s wife Abigail felt the crisis and soothed the heart of David, the future king of Israel.

Because God tells us about the cruelty of wrath and the impetuousness of wrath, it can be seen that He escapes us before we commit folly. Within a few days, Nabal died, and Abigail became David’s wife. When you obey God, He rewards you with unimaginable blessings. Trust in the Lord!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Lord of love and peace! Thank you for wanting our good and preventing us from doing harm. We must resist the enemy; so we will have no problems on the day of reckoning. Father, look at us and help us!

May we never be enraged by the evil of others, because we cannot pay the bill for unthinking attitudes. We must always find someone with a little water to erase the cruelty of our hearts!

Also, we refuse envy! Our greatest desire is to be before You, where only good comes from. We reject the devil's insinuations, temptations and other evil deeds. May we remain in your presence!


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