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Therefore bear fruits worthy of repentance. Matthew 3:8

The fall of man, because of Adam’s sin, contaminated the human race. The devil then proceeded to act in the world, bringing disease, suffering, sin, and other problems that people would never know. But with salvation man’s reconciliation with God was guaranteed and will be completed at Christ’s return. Repentance frees us, but we must bear fruit.

With the entrance of the evil one on Earth, the damage was very great. We would be different and live far from addictions and afflictions. However, Jesus gave Himself to the righteousness of God, who was Himself, to accomplish our deliverance. Redemption was fulfilled in the strictness of the Law, and the Savior suffered the evils we would have to suffer. So now we must repent to be set free.

Until the birth of Christ and His death on Calvary – when He descended into Hell and overthrew Satan who acted here as the prince of this century (2 Cor. 4: 4) – the evil one did what he wanted, and it was impossible to bar his action. The enemy did not believe what he saw when the Son of God came to his house and stripped him of the authority used to oppress us. The Lord did not fight him physically, but He beat him in a unique way.

The action of the devil in the world has complicated everything. Without power to subdue the demons, the human being faced all kinds of evils. Men did not reason clearly, losing their ability to reprimand their adversary. Thus, from masters above all (Gen. 1:28) they became slaves to sin and the passions. But with the shedding of Christ’s blood, they could repent of their transgressions and live.

Repentance is a gift God gives us to get rid of the devil’s oppressions. The sinner becomes a servant of the one he has obeyed. But by feeling the divine touch you can confess your sins. Then you are forgiven and, consequently, free from the enemy’s dominion. That is not all: you can produce fruit worthy of repentance, something God expects.

These fruits mean that where there was moral weakness there is moral strength; where there was disease there is health; in whom wickedness reigns righteousness will work the divine will. Finally, they are the fruits of actions in the faith that we will perform and glorify Christ, who paid such a price to redeem the captives. Let us be a blessing!

Just as Israel should take possession of Canaan, the Land of Promise, today people have to take what God declares in the Word, for it belongs to them. Our action in pursuit of our rights must be firm and constant, without concession to the devil. John did not refuse to receive the Pharisees – the extremists in doctrine – nor the Sadducees, who believed incorrectly, but warned them to bear fruit worthy of repentance.

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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God of our salvation! How the situation of the human being became complicated after the devil tempted Adam, who fell into his lies, becoming trapped in the tempter. But with the coming and death of Your Son and His victory over evil, we become free.

You expect us to become fruit producers worthy of the repentance guaranteed to us. So we have a mission and we want to fulfill it with your help and mercy. We must give you this joy!

We have a North: Jesus, who suffered for our sins. Why are we separated from You? We are forever free from the oppression of the enemy. In the Name of Christ we demand the removal of all evils. Amen!


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