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My heart within me is broken Because of the prophets; All my bones shake. I am like a drunken man, And like a man whom wine has overcome, Because of the Lord, And because of His holy words. Jeremiah 23:9

It is so sad when some people called to the ministry of the Gospel let the enemy draw them away from the divine will. As a result, they become lost and condemned to eternal torment. Why do they start off so well and then surrender to the opponent? Why do they reject the Truth if there is only darkness outside of it? Why do they think they are superior to the others, if those who are wrong are walking through the wide door? Stay alert! 

The prophet Jeremiah felt in his heart how much the insurgents will suffer. They are taking a dangerous path, because even if they realize the mistake after a while, they are already contaminated. But still, if they turn back to God, they can be forgiven, restored and delivered. This will only with true repentance and proper confession of your sins.

Many times, I felt this brokenness that Jeremiah mentioned. However, things in the world continued to rule those weak in their faith and love for God. Because of this, some decided to remain in error. We are all tested, but the important thing is to know that the fear of the Lord will preserve us during the toughest trials. It is useless to shut ourselves to God! We have to seek Him with all our heart.

Jeremiah declared: All my bones shake. In other words: your structure of faith and perseverance are shaken when you see the negligence of many with their own life. Those who don´t get things right with the Lord during their life will never have another opportunity. Allow divine love to flood your inner being.  Pray to the Father and confess your mistakes, for He will forgive you and change your story, turning you completely free. 

A person enslaved by alcohol does not think clearly. The drunk doesn’t feel anything, even when facing great danger. When we think about those who gave up on the Most High and headed towards perdition, we realize that such soul has no understanding of what is dangerous. Therefore, begin to think according to Scriptures and be strengthened in God; thus, you will never yield to any temptation. 

The Almighty is not kidding neither is He treating us as kids. When speaking of eternal damnation, He warns us to such real fact, which might draw us away forever from eternal happiness. Jeremiah felt like he was overcome by wine, who talks much and does little. Wake up! If you don’t become blessed now, you will never escape from the wicked forces. What do you decide? 

The Lord speaks holy words. They are true and perfect, and have the power to snatch a life from Hell, cleanse it from all iniquity and save it. 

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Beloved Father! Move us away from the wide door once and for all. We cannot remain in sin and choose to accept Jesus some time later, for it might be too late. We need Your help.

Our heart is broken because of the holy words we hear. They give us the assurance we will win all temptations if we cry out to You. Come deliver us from wrong instructions. 

Accept our prayer for a better life, in which we will serve You with joy, peace and honesty. We have sought for You in this world, but haven’t found You. But, now, in Your Word, we feel Your love for us. 


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