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The lazy man will not plow because of winter; He will beg during harvest and have nothing. Proverbs 20:4

Those who don’t understand the value in dedicating their lives to do the work of God will never experience the best from Him. The attitude of these people is rebellious, and this could bring divine wrath upon them. The Lord created man and all the animals with the capacity to choose what they will eat, but those who don’t eat certain kinds of food, for whatever reason, will have problems in their lives.

In very cold countries where winter is very severe, those who don’t prepare the land in the appropriate season will not be able to plant, and consequently, they will reap nothing. It is hard to prepare the land for planting when it is dry because of the cold, and that’s why the Lord created perfect ways to do that. Certainly, He had His reasons for things to be like that. And they were very well done!

It doesn’t matter if you think it is time to get the land ready for reaping, thinking that winter will be longer than normal, and because of that you will wait for the weather to warm up. The time for reaping will arrive, and you won’t have good fruits to reap, because you acted according to your own guidance. If we want to be successful in everything, we should learn from our Creator. Everything He does is productive and He does it really well.

We must sow in the morning and in the afternoon, because we will never know which seed will produce fruits. We have the opportunity to choose good seeds, to plant them and to expect good results. The law of sowing and reaping was elaborated by the Lord, and it should be studied until we understand how it works. Everything God does is perfect. This law will last for as long as the land lasts (Genesis 8:22). Hallelujah!

Although situation may say that it is dangerous to talk about Jesus, ask for wisdom and don’t waste your chances to fulfill His calling. With the help from the Most High, your hope will be renewed and you will achieve divine purpose. When we evangelize, we can put this law into practice and believe that it works. The best seed that God created is His own Word, which produces according to its species in every good land on the planet. The Father is ready to perform His Word (Jeremiah 1:12)!

There will come a time when we will recall what we planted in the hearts of the lost ones, but the lazy ones, who do not act according to the law of the Lord, will reap nothing. No matter our position in the world or in the work of God, we are sowers of the good seed. That requires us to not be involved with the matters of this life; that way, we won’t be ashamed.

Many Christians live begging for blessings, subject to vile works because they didn’t obey God. No work in the Most High will be in vain. Is the time to sow and to reap, but many won’t fructify because they didn’t sow in the winter. Some are rebellious workers, murmurs and evil, but God is good!

In Christ, with love,

Dr. Soares

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Lord! Nothing You made has vices or shouldn’t have been created. When we understand Your creation through Your Word, we give You all the reasoning, because there was no better way to have done things.

We must prepare the land during the winter, because that’s how You made things, for several reasons. If we are rebellious against You for something we don’t know, we will be acting in a wrong and malicious way. But when we accept what You say, we are overcomers.

We don’t ever want to beg, but rather, to have enough to live in abundance and to share with those in need. We are a part of Your plan and we live under Your goodness. Thank You for giving us Your grace and love!


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